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SummerSlam Live Coverage – Drew McIntyre Vs Randy Orton

summerslam live coverage

We’ll start right at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern with our SummerSlam live coverage.

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Also, John and I recapped the show on last night’s episode of the Fight Game Podcast.

We’ll be back at the start of the show.

Asuka Vs Bayley

Sasha Banks came to the ring with Bayley. These three women are three of the most talented wrestlers in the entire company.

This is a great opener. Asuka did a jumping DDT to the floor. Bayley hit a Bayley 2 Belly back in the ring for a two count. Asuka hit a super kick and then later a great German and then a running butt attack for a two.

Asuka hit a code breaker as Bayley charged into her for another two count. Bayley came off the top rope with the elbow, but Asuka caught her in an armbar.

Interesting finish. Asuka ran toward Bayley with another butt attack, but Bayley moved and Asuka crashed into Sasha who was on the apron. Bayley then put her in a small package to win the match.

Asuka kicked Sasha earlier when she had Bayley in the armbar. So it wasn’t like Sasha didn’t have a reason to be upset.

Winner: Bayley
Sasha and Bayley doubled teamed her to soften her up for the match against Sasha later in the night.

Angel Garza & Andrade Vs The Street Profits

Montez Ford is one of the most athletic wrestlers I’ve ever seen. And it’s not just athleticism. He’s got charisma, he can work, and he has a good look. I hope this time next year, he’s in the mix for a singles title.

Ford started hot and then did a flip dive over the top, but was caught by both Andrade and Garza and slammed to the floor. After a lot of heel team work, he tagged in Dawkins and ran wild until he ate a back elbow, but then immediately speared Garza. Ford was back in and did a super high frog splash onto Garza, but Garza rolled through and tried to steal a pin by putting his feet on the ropes.

Andrade was caught up and Dawkins gave Garza a spine buster. Ford then went to the top and did a twisting frog splash for the win. Beautiful move.

Winner: The Street Profits

Sonya Deville Vs Mandy Rose

This was once a hair vs hair match. It’s now a no DQ loser leaves town match.

This didn’t start off great as they were trying to pretend to hate each other and really fight rather than have a match. It’s not really either’s style so it was kind of clunky. But there were also good parts in that they showed aggression really well. Sonya vocally was great. When they tried to do more of a wrestling match, it wasn’t good at all.

Near the end, Mandy hit a knee, then hit her Bed of Roses, and then hit another wicked knee to win the match. Sonya is gone from WWE, or at least gone for a little while.

Winner: Mandy Rose

Seth Rollins Vs Dominik Mysterio

Seth started out trying to make Dominik look like a rookie. He then gave him his head for a headlock and then tripped him down. Dominik started to get on the offensive and Seth went instead to bullying him and not wrestling him anymore.

Before the match started, Dominik told Rey that he didn’t want him to interfere. Seth was screaming at Rey for being a bad father. Seth brought a chair into the ring and was about drop Dom on it. But Dom drop toe holded him onto it. Rey told him to be tranquillo after a two count. It’s a street fight, so everything is legal. Dominik had a kendo stick and took several shots at Seth.

Rollins had Dominik on the top rope and was pushed off, but then ran back up and hit a beautiful superplex and then the Falcon Arrow. He got the kendo stick and unloaded on Dominik. They were both on the top rope with the kendo stick. Dominik used the stick to drop Rollins with a neck breaker through a table that was up. Dom hit a frog splash for a two.

Seth unloaded on Dom with kendo stick shots and Rey was fighting himself to not interfere. Just interfere Rey. The dude knocked out your eye ball.

Buddy Murphy interfered. Rey’s wife was trying to get involved and Rey stopped her. Murphy tried to attack Dom’s eye like they did to Rey, but Rey saved him. Murphy and Rollins are beating the bumps off the Mysterios. They handcuffed Rey to the bottom rope and unloaded on him with kendo stick shots. Seth walked toward Dom’s mom and Dom fired up. It’s two on one though. Dom hit the 619 on Seth, but took his time getting to the top rope for his splash. Seth got his knees up.

Rey tried to get in the ring and Seth was baiting him. He then hit the curb stomp for the win. This was dramatic as all hell.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Sasha Banks Vs Asuka

Lots of back and forth early on. Sasha at one point wanted to walk out, but Asuka threw her back, only to meet a kick. Sasha gave Asuka a great looking powerbomb to the floor. Asuka beat the count in.

Asuka went from knee bar to ankle lock. They were in the corner and Asuka did an inverted DDT from the second rope.

Bayley was trying to inspire Sasha, telling her she’s better than Asuka ever will be and Sasha 2 belts is forever.

Just like the match earlier, Asuka went for the butt attack. Sasha moved out the way. So did Bayley. Asuka threw a back-fist at Bayley. Sasha tried to roll into the Bank Statement. Asuka reversed it into the Asuka lock. Sasha had to tap. Asuka is the Raw women’s champ.

Winner: Asuka

Randy Orton Vs Drew McIntyre

Match got into gear with Orton slamming McIntyre onto the announcer’s table. He then suplexed him off the table and onto the floor. McIntyre grabbed his collarbone. Back in the ring, Orton only got a one count.

McIntyre put Orton in a figure four as an ode to Ric Flair. Orton pushed the referee and then gouged McIntyre’s eyes. He cut him open. He needs to cut his nails.

They went toe-to-toe with Drew getting the better of it. He clotheslined Orton down and then gave him two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. He went to the top rope and hit a clothesline. Drew hit the future shock DDT for a two count. Drew came off the top and missed and landed on his feet. He hurt his knee earlier and hurt it again. Orton snap powerslammed him for a two.

Orton set up the RKO. He decided against it and went back to set up the punt. Instead, he ate a powerbomb. Drew missed the Claymore Kick, but then won with a backslide. This was excellent.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The Fiend Vs Braun Strowman

This is a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Strowman was beating the bumps off the Fiend early. But when they went away from ringside and to the back, the Fiend got the upper hand. He hit the Sister Abigail backstage for a two.

They battled back toward the ring. Strowman got a box cutter and cut up the middle of the ring, exposing the wood. It wasn’t a smart idea as the Fiend gave him two Sister Abigails on the wood to win the match and win the title. Strowman wasn’t moving well.

Winner: The Fiend

Roman Reigns came out and beat up both men to close the show. Looks like that’s our reason for Payback.

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