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Being The Elite Recap: “A Birthday And A Death”

being the elite

On this week’s BTE, the Bucks get stranded at the airport on Nick’s Birthday, The Dark Order strikes out with The Bucks and Jungleboy and The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy carry out their murder plot.

  • Show opened with Matt Jackson practicing his moves in his backyard and you could hear his thoughts. He was clearly trying to do stuff JR would like, such as selling and not doing too many dives. He won with the Bionic Elbow and then the reveal was that this was the 50 seconds for 50 plus segment. Okay, they got me on this one.
  • Old school travel VLOG with the Bucks and the AEW crew stranded at the Dallas airport and it was Nick’s birthday. They went to Denny’s to eat and one of the crew guys got the best thing on the menu, the Super Bird. Seriously, try it if you haven’t. Bryan Cage was trying to win a stuffed animal from the mechanical claw deal and Matt teased him for not being able to do it. Their luggage got sent to Jacksonville so they all had to buy a change of clothes at the airport.
  • The Bucks were shown practicing voiceover intros for the various TV shows. Matt was much, MUCH better.
    The Bucks ran into Silver and Reynolds from the Dark Order reading the Bible. Silver claimed that not only are they Christian, they are Christian AF. Nick thought they were just jobbers and Silver said they only job to the Good Lord. When pressed about their favorite parts of the Bible, they clearly had no idea. Reynolds gave Matt some of the Dark Order Kool-Aid. They finally claimed their favorite bible story was Cain and his brother Mark whose parents died in a fire. As punishment, the Bucks put them in a squash match. They thought they were the featured act. Brody Lee showed up and called Silver a fucking idiot and then beat him up with the fake Bible.

  • Daniels showed up to talk to Matt, who is still upset about losing in the 50 plus demo. Matt realized that Daniels was “Old AF” and wanted to know what people his age like. Daniels said he’d come up with something to get that demo but walked out of the room and had no idea what to do. Then he had a revelation and came up with “informercials.”
  • The Bucks were ringside in their masks to watch the Dark Order squash match against Hangman and Omega. Backstage the Bucks congratulated their ELITE stablemates on the win and FTR showed up. They compared Page to a young Barry Windham and Kenny pretended not to know who that was. Dax offered Kenny a drink as a peace offering but he politely refused until he realized it was chocolate milk. They did a toast to tag team wrestling. Kenny was trying to chug the milt and spilled it all over himself.
  • Dark Order was arguing backstage and worried that Mr. Brodie Lee was going to be upset. Silver said they should all be kiss asses like Stu Grayson. They found Griff Garrison in their room and kicked him out… except it was actually Jungleboy and Brodie Lee showed up and got pissed off because they got rid of him. Stu Grayson stooged off John Silver for screwing it up and Mr Brodie Lee threw a tantrum and beat on Silver with his papers. Uno ran after him with the papers after he dropped them.
  • Matt Hardy walked in on the Bucks. Matt Jackson said he was expecting a moment of broken brilliance when he said “smart mark” earlier. Matt Hardy explained that he was going to be dropping the multi-verse of characters because he needs to pull his weight as Matthew Hardy and try to help the company. The Bucks were not happy about this and want to convince him to do the characters again.
  • Just then, Big Money Matt walked in and scolded the Bucks for trying to make Matthew Hardy into something he doesn’t want to be. Except apparently, only Matt Jackson could see it because Nick told him he was talking to himself. Nick Jackson opened a door and V-1 Matt Hardy showed up and scolded him the same way Big Money Matt did. And this time, only Nick could see it. They said “shoot” and both guys could hear Broken Matt doing his Broken Brilliance gimmick. Brandon Cutler walked into the room and couldn’t see or hear anything. It was Broken Matt holding the camera, but only in the Bucks’ imagination. This was weird.
  • Colt was about to walk into Kenny’s room and no one stopped him, even though he was expecting someone to. But no one was in there. Colt snooped around and ate some birthday cake and lied down on the couch, using the world tag team belt as a pillow.
  • Cutler was filming and went into the hall and saw the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy and they went into the EVP room, thinking they were going to kill Cutler. Cassidy had a plastic knife. You could hear them attacking Colt but Colt noticed the plastic knife. Colt thought it was Kenny coming to kill him because the lights were off. They took off Colt’s pants and were trying to put cake on his dick. They thought it was Brandon and thought they had killed him so they were going to leave. Colt was moaning about being cold. Orange said it was taking him forever to die and it was way different than the movies. Trent left the room with his hands covered in blood. Orange was eating birthday cake. They found Brandon and offered him some cake but then got freaked out because he was still alive. Brandon took off screaming and dropped the camera. The show ended with them wondering who they had killed.

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