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UFC 251 Live Coverage – Kamura Usman Vs Jorge Masvidal

ufc 251 live coverage

We’ll have UFC 251 live coverage for the main card starting right at 7PM/10PM.

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We’ll be back with UFC 251 live coverage soon.

Paige VanZant Vs Amanda Ribas

Ribas quickly circled PVZ and PVZ looked very uncomfortable immediately. They’re just a different level of athlete. She closed the distance with kicks and then they clinched. PVZ fought it, but was quickly taken down. Ribas had her in a side headlock and then transitioned into an armbar for the submission win.

Winner: Amanda Ribas by way of 1st round submission

Rose Namajunas Vs Jéssica Andrade

Rose’s footwork is immediately on point. This looks like the first round of their first fight. Andrade is moving her head back and forth so as to not be a target for Rose’s straight shots. Andrade is doing a lot of lunging. She’s landed a few shots, but is eating a lot more. There doesn’t seem to be too much heat on the shots Rose is landing, but Andrade’s nose is bleeding.

Second round was very much like the first. Andrade seemed to get tired, but then would fire up with a shot. Sometimes it landed, but often it didn’t. She did get a great body dig in on Rose. She wanted to turn it sloppy, but Rose didn’t bite. Rose stayed disciplined and kept her distance. She took a few chances with some knees and even fell after throwing one, but quickly was back on her feet. Andrade closed strong, but missed a lot of her big shots.

Andrade is wearing Rose down a bit. She landed a right hand (I think) that bloodied Rose’s nose. She rocked for a second and for some reason, Rose decided that she had to answer and got close and got taken down. She got up quickly. She landed a big straight right, but Andrade landed a right cross of her own. On power alone, Andrade is winning this round. Rose got a quick takedown, but Andrade quickly turned her over and they were back on their feet. Rose should win this 2-1, but Andrade’s third round was excellent.

Winner: Rose Namajunas by way of split decision

Rose won by split decision. Scores were 28-29, 29-28, and 29-28.

José Aldo Vs Petr Yan

First big shot of the night was a Yan overhand right that landed flush. It was almost like Aldo fell asleep for a second. Aldo then knocked Yan down with a leg kick. Yan landed a couple of nice combos. Aldo was on his back and Yan rained down with shots to the body and head. One of them curled Aldo up a bit.

Aldo switched southpaw because of leg kicks. He’s throwing his left leg from that stance. He’s looking to unload, but not a lot of opportunity. Aldo is killing his legs. He’s also landing straight body shots. Aldo may have won that round.

Early in the round, Aldo looked great. He had Yan reeling a bit and followed him to the cage and looked like he was going to try to stop him. Yan composed himself quickly, but still looked frustrated. And then, the entire second half of the round was Yan teeing off on Aldo, with Aldo not putting up much of a fight. Yan hit a fancy spinning back elbow. He dialed up his activity and it paid off. I have him stealing the round.

Aldo is really tired. He started the round okay, but then stopped being active. Yan stayed active, throwing with both hands while Aldo mostly tried to stay away as much as possible. Yan threw some punches from the inside that were nasty. Aldo threw a kick and Yan caught it and took him down. I have Yan up 3-1.

Yan blasted Aldo to start the round. Aldo went down and Yan was right on top of him. I don’t think Aldo wants to be in there anymore. Yan bullied him on the floor and held down his arm while bouncing elbows on his forehead. He was throwing hammer fists to the side of the head and Aldo was just covering up. The referee kept telling Aldo to fight back and Aldo would move his body and keep taking punishment. Finally, it was stopped. Aldo probably took 20 strikes too many at the end.

Winner: Petr Yan by way of 5th round TKO

Max Holloway Vs Alexander Volkanovski

Holloway had a great first round. He looked quick and spry and more importantly, in control. Volkanovski couldn’t really pull the trigger on anything. Holloway dropped him with a great head kick and won the first round.

The first part of the round was a leg kicking battle. Both guys were landing and taking big shots. Volkanovski switched his stance. Max was just taking his. Late in the round, Volkanovski charged in and Holloway landed an uppercut that dropped him to his knee. That uppercut probably sealed the round for Max.

This was a much better round for Volkanovski. Max was having trouble all round with Volkanovski’s left hand. He was throwing lead hooks and counter hooks and Max ate them all. He kept touching his face when getting hit too. I still have Max up 2-1, but that was the first round that he wasn’t in control.

Max may have eked out the fourth, which puts him in great shape heading into the last round. He landed the two hardest shots of the round and Volkanovski felt them. Other than that, Volkanovski’s leg kick was the best shot of the night as Holloway either slipped or his knee buckled a bit.

This round was super close. They both opened up to start the round. Holloway’s left leg is giving him trouble. He’s having a hard time with balance because of it. It’s beet red on the inside of the leg. Volkanovski got a takedown, but Max got right up. Holloway was more tired near the end, but I think he piled up enough to win the fight. Volkanovski probably won this fifth round. I have Max winning 3-2.

Winner: Alexander Volkanovski by way of split decision.

The scores were 47-48, 48-47, and 48-47.

I don’t think a lot of people will agree with that decision.

Jorge Masvidal Vs Kamaru Usman

Both men started hard and fast. Masvidal was throwing hard kicks while Usman missed a crazy haymaker. Usman caught Masvidal’s leg and got the takedown. Masvidal looks really comfortable on the feet, but the second he gets the chance, Usman goes for the takedown. Masvidal’s standup is so much better. But he’s also getting tired. Even though he was taken down and on his back, I think Masvidal wins the first.

Usman is pushing for the takedown and leaning on Masvidal. Masvidal is fighting hard to stay on his feet, but you can tell it’s taking a lot out of him. He’s also bleeding from the forehead from two accidental butts. Usman wore on him the entire round. Wasn’t a fun one either.

Masvidal looks good until Usman decides to clinch and push him up against the cage. Usman grazed his cup on an uppercut. They stopped the action and Masvidal used the time to catch his breath. Masvidal threw a punch that missed which opened him up to a takedown. Masvidal got up and Usman powered him down again. Usman is clearly in control now.

Masvidal didn’t even get a chance to throw any punches before Usman went right for the takedown. He got a couple, though Masvidal fought them and was back on. Masvidal caught him with a couple of shots to cause a bit of excitement. Usman landed his own up against the cage. Usman’s up 3-1.

Masvidal’s only chance was to come out quick and try to land shots. Usman quickly took him down again. Masvidal landed a nice left hook, but that was about it. With thirty seconds left, Masvidal tried to let it go, but he couldn’t really. He landed one lariat left, but that was it. Usman should win this 4-1.

Winner: Kamaru Usman by way of unanimous decision

He won 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46.

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