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Fyter Fest Live Coverage (Night Two) – Chris Jericho Vs Orange Cassidy

Fyter Fest live coverage

It’s night two of the Fyter Fest vs Great American Bash Wednesday night war. Chris Aiken has a preview of week two.

If you missed night one, John and I dedicated our entire show last week to the week one battle.

We’ll be back right at the start of night two with our Fyter Fest live coverage.

Private Party Vs Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Matt Hardy is in the corner of Private Party.

Quen is so annoying. They were chopping him back and forth and he did a scream each time. He also screwed up their timing on the double chop. Quen and Kassidy performed a double Spanish Fly on Omega, which would’ve been sweet had they hit it perfectly.

Page powerslammed Quen on top of Kassidy.

Kassidy did a spring board into some sort of face buster to the outside ramp, which looked stiff. Then Quen did a brilliant shooting star press for a two count as Omega broke it up.

Page and Omega did the Last Call (Buckshot Lariat + V-Trigger) on Kassidy for the win.

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Let’s just say that they tried. It was entertaining, but some times for bad reasons.

Joey Janela Vs Lance Archer

Janela started fast with his hit and run tactics, until he was caught. He tried to come off the top rope with a chair, but the ref stopped him and Archer took control. He beat the hell out of him. He pounced him right into the top and middle rope.

This match actually went through a commercial. Archer went for the Last Ride, but Janela turned it into an elbow drop. He hit a super kick, then hit a senton off the top. Jake Roberts had the referee’s eyes and Sonny Kiss hit a 450 on Archer for a two count.

Archer hit the Black Out through a table on the outside and won the match.

Winner: Lance Archer

Taz and Brian Cage came out to introduce Cage as the new FTW champion. He must’ve had to clean that thing up after pulling it out of the basement.

Lucha Bros and The Butcher & The Blade Vs FTR and The Young Bucks

FTR looks great early on. They really are the modern day Tully and Arn.

Bucks blind tagged in and FTR and the Bucks worked awesomely well together. Lucha Bros and the Butcher double teamed Nick until Nick and Fenix both spring boarded themselves onto the top rope and Nick gave him a Frankensteiner from the top rope.

Matt Jackson tagged in like a house on fire. He hit a high cross to the outside on the Butcher and Blade. Matt tagged out to Dax. Blade didn’t see it. Matt went for a super kick, Blade ducked, but then ate a DDT by Dax, the legal man. Matt and Cash Wheeler hit a Goodnight Express. Nick and Dax hit a spike pile drive on the Blade, but Pentagon broke up the pin. Matt and Dax hit a double superplex, Wheeler hit a splash and then Nick hit a senton which would’ve been a great finish, but it was broken up again.

Fenix did a flying Canadian Destroyer on Nick over the top rope and onto the crowd. That was nuts.

Finally, the Lucha Bros hit the LB Driver on Matt to win.

Winner: Lucha Bros and The Butcher & The Blade

Nyla Rose Vs Kenzie Paige & Kilynn King

Nyla killed them both and pinned them both after a power bomb with one on top of the other.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Nyla teased that she was bringing in a manager.

Brody Lee, Colt Cabana & Stu Grayson Vs SCU

Heat was on the babyfaces forever. Brody Lee came in and Scorpio Sky, who was selling for a long time, tagged in Frankie Kazarian. Cabana broke up Daniels’ pin attempt on Grayson. Daniels got pissed and punched Cabana. Lee hit Daniels with the big discus clothesline. They tagged in Cabana to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Brody Lee, Colt Cabana & Stu Grayson

Orange Cassidy Vs Chris Jericho

Cassidy started quickly, but Jericho caught him and put him in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho is taking just about everything. Cassidy finally made his comeback. Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and did his soft kicks. Jericho was still selling from a head scissors take over. Then he hit a super kick. They fought on the top rope until Cassidy knocked Jericho to the mat. He then hit a big splash from the top rope. Jericho missed his spring board drop kick to the outside and Cassidy hit a spring board flip dive to the floor. He did a diving DDT from the top rope for a two count.

Cassidy hit Jericho with everything but the kitchen sink. He hit a stunner and a swinging DDT for a two. He jumped at Jericho with a Superman punch and Jericho hit the Judas Effect to win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

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