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Fyter Fest Live Coverage (Night One) – Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page Vs Best Friends

fyter fest live coverage

It’s night one of the Fyter Fest vs Great American Bash battle. For night one, I’m doing live coverage for AEW Dynamite’s Fyster Fest show.

Our own Chris Aiken wrote a great preview of tonight’s matchup.

We’ll be back with live coverage at the start of the show.

MJF & Wardlow Vs Jungleboy & Luchasaurus

All the heat on Jungleboy early on, leading to him tagging Luchasaurus, but the referee not seeing it like this is old school tag team wrestling. More heat on Jungleboy. Luchasaurus finally tagged and was a bit of a slow house on fire.

Wardlow and Luchasaurus had a nice big man series. But now, Luchasaurus needs to tag out and so does Wardlow. Jungleboy hits two dives over the second rope and then a flip dive over the top rope. They hit their finisher on MJF, but Wardlow breaks it up. Jungleboy hit the reverse rana on Wardlow.

All four went down. MJF almost hit Wardlow with his ring on accident. Then he was bumped into and did hit him with it. Luchasaurus hit him with some kicks and a standing moonsault and got the pin. Super fun match.

Winner: Jungleboy & Luchasaurus

Penelope Ford Vs Hikaru Shida

Shida started quickly just like last week. She nearly hit the Falcon Arrow, but couldn’t finish it. She rushed Ford who moved and nearly had a pin on her.

They did a slap fest with each other that wasn’t really good. Penelope hit a huge big boot and went for a springboard cutter, but Shida put her in a sleeper hold into some back breaker submission. Shida hit the Falcon Arrow and went for the pin, but she was rolled up herself for a near fall. Shida missed a drop kick from the top as Ford bent backward like Trish Stratus’ matrix move and then she hit a stunner for a two count.

Kip Sabian interfered like a dummy and got hit with a kendo stick. Ford hit another stunner for a two count. Shida hit another Falcon Arrow for a two count. She hit a running knee to a sitting Ford (she hit one earlier right before the Falcon Arrow) and finally got the pin.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Jake Hager Vs Cody

Cody’s wearing a new American Nightmare shirt that resembles the old Great American Bash logo.

Cody’s trying to hit and run a bit. They traded ankle lock attempts. A lot of this match happened during the picture in picture.

Hager put a sleeper on Cody. Cody kicked the top turnbuckle and nearly broke his own neck while trying to pin Hager. Hager kept the sleeper on. Cody did a springboard cutter which was beautiful. He hit a big boot and is selling his ribs from body shots earlier from Hager.

Hager hit a Hager bomb for a two count. Hager missed a Hager bomb again. Cody hit a reverse DDT, which didn’t look great. Hager did a belly to belly throw from the top. Dustin interfered. Hager hit a Rock Bottom and looked to get the pinfall, but Cody countered and ended up on top of him while Hager had a choke in. I like the idea, but it didn’t work. Somehow Cody ended up on top and pinned him, while also being choked out.

Winner: Cody

Hager knocked the referee out.

Darby Allin did an interview that they put out on Twitter.

Orange Cassidy came down and sat next to the announcing crew, one of which is Chris Jericho, who he faces next week.

Santana & Ortiz Vs Private Party

Lots of back and forth here with no real reason or manner. But then again, that’s Private Party in a nutshell. They do moves that people do on trampolines, which don’t resemble a fight in any way. I’m not a stickler for every match having to resemble a fight, but you can at least fake it better.

The end of the match saw Matt Hardy steal Ortiz’s gimmick of the balls in the sock. Ortiz was rolled up twice for near falls and then ate their finisher, which is always awesome.

Winner: Private Party

Taz and Brian Cage came out. They changed the Jon Moxley versus Brian Cage match from next week to two weeks from today under the Fight From The Fallen banner.

(My guess is that Moxley didn’t have enough time to quarantine after his wife, Renee Young tested positive for COVID-19.)

Best Friends Vs Adam Page & Kenny Omega

FTR sat near the announcer’s with some brews.

Best Friends were throwing Omega and Page all over the place early. Omega got hip-tossed onto Page who was near the barricade. Omega fired up and missed his You Can’t Escape moonsault on Trent. Taylor hit dropped Omega on his head. They then hit their finisher on Page for a near fall, but Omega broke it up. Page then hit the Buckshot lariat for the pin.

Winner: Adam Page & Kenny Omega

The match was competitive, but no one thought Best Friends were winning.

After the match FTR came into the ring with beers. Omega started pouring his out and that got heat with them until the Young Bucks came out to break it up.

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