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Being The Elite Recap: You Asking Us Out For A Beer?

you asking us out for a beer

I am back with my recap of Being The Elite for their latest episode titled You Asking Us Out For A Beer?

You can also watch the full episode at the bottom. If you missed my recap from last week, you can check out, BC 4 Life.

  • Brandon Cutler found The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy backstage. They had a white board with ideas on how to murder him but they tried to claim it was a different Brandon.
  • John Silver was laid out on the floor with papers stuffed into his mouth from the beating last week by Mr. Brodie Lee.
  • It’s the Spanglish segment. Ortiz and Santana brought Jake Hager on to explain Tiki Tiki. Catalina called him and he’s in trouble. Dasha showed up and pulled him off set by the ear.
  • Michael Nakazawa found Colt Cabana as he was about to walk in on Kenny Omega. Colt thought he couldn’t understand English. Nakazawa warned him that Kenny would mess him up if he walked in there. Colt asked him to say hello to Kenny for him. Kenny asked him if he was talking to someone and Nakazawa said no.
  • Peter Avalon and Leva Bates found Brandon Cutler backstage. He was mad they threw books in the ring. Avalan said he wants to win by any means necessary. Cutler doesn’t want to cheat. He cut an impassioned promo and Avalon said he’d think about it.
  • Big Money Matt found Fractured Frankie Kazarian. Frankie wanted the water of incarnation. Matt offered to sell him a bottle of water for $500. Frankie offered him $300. It was actually vodka because he only gave him $300. Frankie found another $100 he had been hiding because the “boys are a bunch of thieves.” This time it was tequila. Matt said that he got a check from Barnett and he’s good for it. Matt pulled another $100 out of Frankie’s trunks. This time it was water and he turned back into Kaz and did his “DO YA” catchphrase.
  • Elsewhere, Big Money Matt was with Private Party, saying he needed them to win tonight. They found Matt Jackson helping out with lighting but they didn’t believe it was him because he was wearing a mask.
  • Nick Jackson was filming Cutler and Avalon’s match on Dark at midnight. Then Colt was filming the finish of the Bucks/Butcher and Blade match.
  • Matt Jackson was on the phone, still worried that they lost the 50+ demo again. He did another 50+ seconds for 50+. He was doing pastel paintings. Still not really doing it for me as I approach that demo. Matt, if you’re reading, maybe do some backyard BBQing. His kids interrupted the segment, which is always cute.
  • Mr. Brodie Lee walked in on the Dark Order and said 3 of them had done a great job and 3 of them are fucking idiots, who keep fucking up. Silver, Reynolds and Uno. He blamed Uno for Silver and Reynolds messing up with their recruiting. He kept calling Silver a “little fucking idiot” and he was trying so hard not to laugh. Griff Garrison showed up. HE ordered Silver and Reynolds to get rid of him. They managed to do it and Mr. Brodie Lee said it was the first competent thing they’d ever done. He asked for some papers and Stu Grayson gave him some. He hit Uno but he was wearing a helmet. Brodie ordered him to take the helmet off and then he knocked him over with them. He asked if any of them had any questions and Silver put up his hand with the Dark Order sign. His question was “Who the fuck is Griff Garrison?” This was way more hilarious than it probably reads.
  • Hangman found FTR backstage. They pointed out Cutler had a camera and Hangman said he follows me everywhere and it’s annoying as hell. He thanked them for saving him and they said it was no problem. FTR said to let him know if he ever needs anything. They agreed to go drinking at the hotel later but then he ended up leaving with them. Cutler was going to come with them but Hangman told him to stay and not to tell Matt and Nick.

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