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Being The Elite Recap: BC 4 Life

bc 4 life

I started watching BTE a few months ago and binged it to catch up. I was intrigued by Dave Meltzer’s recaps on Wrestling Observer Radio and couldn’t even really tell what the show was about.

Having now watched every episode I can say that I really enjoy the show. It’s a great complement to AEW Dynamite and AEW Dark, but it’s absolutely not necessary to watch the show to follow along with the main storylines.

But there are tons of inside gags and the humor is right up my alley and if you’re a fan of AEW, you’ll like it, I can pretty much guarantee that.

If you’ve never watched an episode, my recaps will try and catch you up on the running gags but I don’t think it’s necessary to go back and watch everything like I did. The show has evolved a lot over the years and a good start point might be October of last year if you do want to catch up.

Here’s the recap for the episode titled BC 4 Life.

  • Matt and Nick were in their dressing room and found a Bullet Club Young Bucks shirt, which brought them back to a “memory” from several years back of sitting with Anderson and Gallows in a hotel room. During this “memory” they slammed “New York” and Fergal Devitt (Finn Balor) and then talked about how they were planning to start their own company in 3 or 4 years and wanted Anderson and Gallows to come with them. The Bucks left the hotel room and Anderson and Gallows said they were using the Bullet Club to get contracts with New York and there was no way TNT would ever allow wrestling on their station again.
  • There was an old school travel VLOG with Matt and Nick bitching about how long they had to wear their masks.
  • Matt and Kenny Omega were in a dressing room. Matt was praising Kenny for pouring out the beer a couple weeks ago on Dynamite and did his “Christian AF” catchphrase, complete with heavenly music. Matt was witnessing to Kenny and Kenny said Jesus’ beard was cool but you can’t go wrong with Aliens and Tom Cruise and called himself “Alien AF” and some funky video game sound effects played.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver tried to recruit Nyla Rose for the Dark Order. They tried to get her to drink the Kool-Aid and she took out her own straw that spelled out “Fuck You.” Seriously, it’s the best thing Nyla has ever done.
  • Christopher Daniels was standing in the rain and showed off his “This is the worst year I’ve ever lived in” t-shirt.
  • Big Money Matt threatened to sue Matt Jackson for stealing his gimmick. He made fun of his Christian AF shirt and said he was rich AF. He said he had “heat” with him over stealing the gimmick, which prompted a Term of the Inside with Broken Brilliance bit to explain “heat.” The gag here was that Matt Hardy became Broken Matt in the same scene and Nick Jackson replaced Big Money Matt. In the past, it’s been Matt Jackson doing that. Broken Matt said he’s broken, but he’ll never be broke and stole Big Money Matt’s cash. When the bit ended, Big Money Matt accused Matt Jackson of stealing his money. Matt Hardy came back in as the spot monkey marking out over free drinks and food. Matt Jackson said being his friend is exhausting and he’s blown up, which brought on ANOTHER “Terms from the Inside” bit.
  • Brandon Cutler found the Best Friends and Orang Cassidy, who are still trying to come up with a weekly bit. Cutler said The Dark Order are more over than they are. Their bit is actually that they never have a bit. OC said they should make some plans to murder Brandon and they all agreed to do it.
  • The Cutler cam showed the set up for Chris Jericho being doused with orange juice from last week’s Dynamite. They also showed the crew doing a fast cleanup during the commercial break. More Dynamite highlights with the Elite vs Jurassic Express match. The matches look more fake when viewed through the Cutler Cam for some reason.
  • Backstage, Hangman ran into Kenny. Kenny was mad because FTR embarrassed him and Page said they are cool and Kenny had it coming for pouring out their beer the week before. Kenny found the Bucks, who asked him about why he went so hard after Marko. Jungleboy and Luchasaurus came in and they were pissed at Kenny too. The Bucks told Kenny to go check on Marko after the Jurassic Express said that he looks up to Kenny.
  • Kenny found Marko, who was getting checked out by a trainer. He apologized. Marko said his feelings were hurt and that you should never meet your heroes. Kenny promised to make it up to him. He then left the room and called Marko a “fucking pussy.”
  • Griff Garrison found Colt Cabana in the hall as he was about to walk in on Kenny. Griff warned him that Kenny wants to kill him and he should leave him alone. Colt thought he was Jungleboy. Bit ended when he looked at the camera and said “Who the fuck is Griff Garrison?”
  • Alex Marvez took the place of Alex Abrahantes in the “Spanglish” segment. The joke here is a takeoff on the Bryan Alvarez/Alex Marvez deal where Eric Bischoff thought they were the same guy. Marvez introduced himself as Abrahantes. In the skit, Marvez got hit with a flying shoe and then Abrahantes came in at the end. The Spanglish word was “fayke.”
  • The Bucks were looking at the ratings and were trying to figure out how they can get the 50+ viewers to watch the show. Matt came up with an idea and it was a gardening segment. I’m almost 50 and I’m not sure this will work. The segment is called “50+ seconds for 50+”. At least they’re trying.
  • Private Party ran into Nick Jackson, who was pretending to be a doctor. He tried to check them out. They saw Matt Jackson and thought he was a “sexy ass nurse” because he had a mask on and they couldn’t recognize him.
  • Five and Ten from the Dark Order were trying to convince Silver and Reynolds to wear a mask. Mr. Brodie Lee broke up the argument. Lee said there’s always a problem with Silver and he called him a fucking idiot, which cracked everyone up. He threatened to pull out his papers and hit everyone with them. Everyone left the room and presumably Mr. Brodie Lee was going to beat Silver with the papers as the show ended.

You can watch the episode below.

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