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Wrestling Observer Radio With Andreas Hale On Racial Injustice

andreas hale

The good folks at F4W Online/Wrestling Observer put up an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that I did with Dave Meltzer and Andreas Hale on their free YouTube channel. Originally, it was for subscription only, but because of the importance of the topic, they’ve put it up for anyone who wants to listen.

It was a show that I was insistent on doing and Andreas was the only person I wanted to do it with.

I met Andreas at Starrcast II last summer when he hosted the Wrestling With Stereotypes panel. It was a quick introduction and one he probably doesn’t remember, but our friend, Danny Acosta introduced us.

Several months back, Andreas and his The Corner podcast co-host Kel Dansby brought their show to Blue Wire Podcasts, where The Fight Game Podcast lives. Through that relationship, I reached out to Andreas to let him know that I loved his work and that sometime, I hoped that we’d do a show together.

Andreas and I have a lot of the same passions. He’s the Senior Editor of Combat Sports at both The Sporting News and DAZN USA. He’s written about hip hop music since the early days of his career and worked on websites like Jay Z’s Life and Times. And recently, he started writing for LL Cool J’s new website, Rock The Bells, about ageism in hip hop, a topic that I’ve had a lot of conversations about in the past.

Andreas recently was part of a gripping conversation with the New Day on racial injustice and I thought it was one of the more powerful and vulnerable things I’ve ever listened to. I think Andreas is one of the most creative and thoughtful voices out there right now and I wanted to talk to him about the current racial climate. With Dave Meltzer’s reach, I’m now glad that a lot of people were able to hear our conversation.

It took us a few weeks to do it. There were cancellations on both ends because of urgent matters. But Dave and I both wanted to make it happen and Andreas was able to give us his time this past weekend, of which I am grateful for.

I don’t often talk about my work. But this is one of the two or three favorite shows that I’ve ever been a part of.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, please check it out.

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