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UFC 250 Live Coverage – Amanda Nunes Vs Felicia Spencer

ufc 250 live coverage

It’s the second PPV post-pandemic and unlike the first one, this one isn’t a sure-fire winner on paper. Though, for hardcore fans, the are some interesting fights and contenders could be created. If you want to see all of our UFC 250 content, check out our details page.

We’ll be back with UFC 250 live coverage when the main card begins.

Sean O’Malley Vs Eddie Wineland

Just when I thought that O’Malley didn’t take Wineland’s right hand well, he landed a gigantic right hand that came after a feint right uppercut and Wineland went to sleep. O’Malley just walked away when he hit him like it was a walk-off homerun.

Winner: Sean O’Malley by way of 1st round TKO

Anthony Rocco Martin Vs Neil Magny

This was pretty much a standstill for the entire round. When they were on the feet, there wasn’t much going on. Martin shot in and held Magny against the cage. Magny threw a palm slap on his cheek. Martin let him out and landed a right hand. They got tied up against the cage again.

Martin rocked him a bit and then got a takedown. You’d think the smaller cage would allow Magny to control the octagon a bit, but it’s Martin who is pushing the pace. Martin is checking the low kicks and throwing some of his own. Close fight so far.

Martin his tired. He tried to take a deep breath and was punched right in the mouth. Magny has absolutely picked up the pace. As Martin moves to his left, Magny’s length allows him to touch him. Magny keeps going for a takedown and even as tired as Martin is, he can’t get it. He’d be better off letting him go and beat him up standing. Magny clearly won the third round.

Winner: Neil Magny by way of unanimous decision

Magny won 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Cory Sandhagen Vs Aljamain Sterling

Sterling rushed him and got Sandhagen’s back quickly. He sunk in the rear naked, but couldn’t get his arm under Sandhagen’s chin. Sterling kept the body triangle and went for the choke again and got it. Sandhagen had to tap.

Winner: Aljamain Sterling by way of 1st round submission

Cody Garbrandt Vs Raphael Assunção

Garbrandt landed a few nice leg kicks. He looks fast and he’s sharp here so far. He also took a right hand on the button well. The story of the round was the younger, quicker, and taller man was a step and a half ahead of the older, slower, and shorter man. Good round for Cody.

Assunção’s front leg is very red from the leg kicks and he’s going back and forth between his southpaw and orthodox stance. Garbrandt is still beating him to the punch, but Assunção’s timing is much better. Garbrandt landed a big right that dropped Assunção. Assunção told him it was a slip. It sure didn’t look like a slip. Cody pointed at him. Right before the bell, Garbrandt landed a nasty right that dropped Assunção and the fight was over.

Winner: Cody Garbrandt by 2nd round TKO

Felicia Spencer Vs Amanda Nunes

Spencer tried to rush at Nunes who stepped away and landed a right hand. She landed a big right hand and Spencer just ate it. Nunes threw a kick that Spencer caught and Spencer went for a takedown, but Nunes judo whipped her to the ground. Amanda bullied her on the ground from half guard. Amanda was in her guard and was able to land heavy elbows.

Nunes looks to be very much enjoying this. She’s throwing a big right hand and poor Spencer is taking them well. But that’s not a fun game. Spencer got inside and tried for a takedown, but it was Amanda who got it.

Amanda put together the entire standup package with jabs, big right hands, a left hook, and even kicks. Spencer is taking a beating. She knocked her mouth piece out once and Spencer just pointed and referee Herb Dean allowed her to stop the fight and pick it up.

The fourth round was Amanda vs punching bag. Spencer’s front leg was damaged. She couldn’t really put it down. She was eating big punches. Late in the round, Nunes got her in a rear naked choke at the bell. We need to throw the damn towel here. She has a nasty hematoma on her head too.

Spencer is bleeding like a stuck pig. Amazingly tough but the reality is that this fight should’ve been stopped already. She has zero chance to win and no game plan. Herb paused the fight for a second to have the doctor check Felicia’s cut. He did not bail her out. She lasted the round and we’ll see the most one-sided decision in championship history.

Winner: Amanda Nunes by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 50-44, 50-44, 50-45. Should’ve been 50-42 across the board.

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