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The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever – Forever Ever, Ever Ever?

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The main marketing angle for WWE Backlash, which is this weekend, is that you are going to see the greatest wrestling match ever between Randy Orton and Edge. I’m sure that Orton and Edge will have a really good match. It’s already been taped and they can edit it as much as is necessary.

Is it going to be the greatest wrestling match ever? Of course not. But it’s an interesting discussion point. Wrestling is a mixing bowl with tons of interesting ingredients like work, collaboration, charisma, selling, crowd reaction, time, and many, many other things. But it’s also about taste. What one person loves, another fan can despise.

As I love doing, I threw the question out to members of our Fight Game Podcast Facebook Group.

What is the greatest wrestling match ever?

@GetUpMike from @CombatRepublic: Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Bret Hart from WrestleMania 13
This match had everything; story, drama, brawling, blood, technical wrestling, the most epic double turn in history, and a red hot crowd. It spring-boarded Steve Austin into super stardom. Everyone got over in the match, including the referee.

@HayabusaCT: Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega 2 from NJPW Dominion
I was emotionally involved with Kenny winning the title. It was a draw, but I can’t remember being so animated in my living room for a wrestling match since I was younger. The pacing of the match made every high spot incredible and impactful. I was so lost in the match that the chance of a draw actually didn’t occur to me until about 5 minutes before.

@HardcoreCDN: Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega 2 from NJPW Dominion
Over the last few years I’ve become a fan of Japanese Wresting more and more. If someone asks me to start with one match I show them Omega vs Okada 2 as it told a story in the ring that was just amazing.

@johnnyeponymous: Kenta Kobashi Vs Mitsuharu Misawa from NOAH Navigate For Evolution 2003
Easily the greatest combination of drama, work, storytelling, and psychology. They built to every single spot perfectly.

@RyanNPike: Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega IV from NJPW Dominion
A 60+ minute match that breezed by, built incredibly well, and paid off tons of small story elements established in their prior three meetings.

@JerFinestone: Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels from WrestleMania 21
The best wrestler vs the best performer and you never quite knew who was going to win until the ref counted three. Quite possibly inspired arguably the best generation of wrestlers ever.

@Seaneb14 Burning Vs Kensuke Office 5 Vs 5 Survival Tag Match
KENTA was out of his mind that night. The crowd was losing its mind over an hour. Kobashi tried to kill everyone. Baby Miyahara had fire for days despite taking everyone’s stiffest shots. The finishing sequence lasts about 20 minutes and is perfect.

@Rfantasia78: Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega IV from NJPW Dominion
This is their 4th match in 18 months. It was 1-1-1. Just 60+ mins of brilliance and Okada selling his exhaustion like only he can do. Kenny finally got the upper hand and won the belt after leaving the BC. Sheer brilliance.

@jr_horsemen: Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega IV from NJPW Dominion
It built on the 3rd match, which built on the 2nd, which, etc. Super compelling for a lengthy match. Plus it culminated with Kenny finally winning the belt and quite possibly becoming the greatest IWGP gaijin champ. If not the greatest, definitely in the top echelon.

@dazzalovesmovie: Shinobu Kandori Vs Akira Hokuto from AJW Dreamslam ’93
The dynamic was Kandori, a legit shooter who could break limbs, going against Hokuto who had so many bone injuries, she was nicknamed the mummy. There is a realistic, gritty feel that this is a fight not a match. The psychology is of the best I’ve ever seen. Every blow or hold means something, and towards the end they sell, having fought to the point of exhaustion. It’s so incredible and they get weaker and weaker with each blow they take.

@justinmknipper: Kazuchika Okada Vs Kenny Omega IV from NJPW Dominion
I don’t think I’ve ever gasped involuntarily for a finish until this one. There really are so many great matches, and all for different reasons.

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