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Sugar Ray Leonard Vs Roberto Durán I 40th Anniversary

Sugar Ray Leonard Vs Roberto Durán I

I’d like to thank Robert Silva for reminding me of the anniversary of one of the most memorable boxing events of my lifetime and the kickoff to what was the Fabulous Four (or Four Kings, whichever you want to call them) era with them all fighting each other at least one time.

The fight itself was a barn burner. Robert has it listed as number 28 on his list of the greatest fights of all-time.

There have only been a handful of times that the consensus two best boxers in the world have faced each other. One of the times occurred back in 1980 when Sugar Ray Leonard defended his WBC Welterweight title against Panamanian legend Roberto Durán.

Durán is Robert’s greatest lightweight in boxing history, while Leonard is his third greatest welterweight in boxing history.

When Duan Greally and I re-watched this fight for our Fabulous Four Podcast, we scored it very closely. Duan scored it 144-142 while I scored it 143-142 both for Durán, but we both came out with the same result; no matter how close this fight was on scorecards, it was clearly Durán’s fight. Sugar Ray came out of it with a loss, but I think he also came out with two other things; an understanding that he let the Durán get the better of him mentally, but also some respect for standing toe-to-toe with him throughout and coming close while fighting his fight.

For those who haven’t listened to Duan and I talking about all of the Four Kings, I wanted to resurface the first ever episode of the Fabulous Four Podcast where we cover this fight in depth.

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