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New Japan Cup Bracket Challenge

New Japan Cup Bracket Challenge

Final update

With Evil beating Kazuchika Okada in the finals, we have a champion. Ste Allen wins the entire thing. Justin Knipper is second and Stephen Goodman is third. Robert Stockstill and Stephen Goodman were tied for third, but the tie-breaker was the closest to the overall time of the match. Goodman’s time was 40 minutes while Stockstill’s was 59 minutes.

Here’s the entire scoring for the tournament:

Ste Allen 70
Justin Knipper 55
Stephen Goodman 49
Robert Stockstill 49
Dave Dutra 48
Nick Mahmood 48
Brady Childs 44
Juan Carlos Reneo 44
J. D. Oliva 44
Francisco Lopez 43
Paul Fontaine 43
Carlos Toro 41
Jeremy Finestone 39
Rich Bagu 39
Dave Meltzer 39
Justin Paine 37
Chris DePetrillo 35
Aaron Stone 35
Ryan Pike 35
Kevin Ely 32
Mark Parolini 31
Mike Gilbert 31
Jarrett Seidler 31
Jason Hagholm 29
Peter H 29
Brian Burke 29
Ryan Fantasia 29
Chris Samsa 29
Rob Dougherty 26
GG 22
Ramsamy Subramanian 18
Abdullah Mamaniyat 13

7/3 update

We have finals matchup now and the semifinals turned our leaderboard a bit upside down.

While the majority of our brackets had Kazuchika Okada coming out of one side, only three brackets had EVIL coming out of the other side. Only Justin Knipper and Ste Allen had the finals matchup correct.

The top three finishers will take home prizes.

Here are the current standings heading into the finals (choice of winner for those who can still podium):

Justin Knipper 55 (Okada)
Ste Allen 54 (EVIL)
Robert Stockstill 49 (SANADA)
Dave Dutra 48 (SANADA)
Nick Mahmood 48 (SANADA)
Brady Childs 44 (SANADA)
Juan Carlos Reneo 44 (SANADA)
J. D. Oliva 44 (SANADA)
Francisco Lopez 43 (Ibushi)
Paul Fontaine 43 (Okada)
Carlos Toro 41 (Okada)
Jeremy Finestone 39
Rich Bagu 39
Dave Meltzer 39
Justin Paine 37
Chris DePetrillo 35
Aaron Stone 35
Ryan Pike 35
Stephen Goodman 33
Kevin Ely 32
Mark Parolini 31
Mike Gilbert 31
Jarrett Seidler 31
Jason Hagholm 29
Peter H 29
Brian Burke 29
Ryan Fantasia 29
Chris Samsa 29
Rob Dougherty 26
GG 22
Ramsamy Subramanian 18
Abdullah Mamaniyat 13

7/2 update

Dave Meltzer’s reign on top is over. His winner, Taichi, lost to SANADA in the quarterfinals so while points-wise, he’s still doing well, he won’t have the winner in his bracket. Don’t worry, he couldn’t win anyway.

Major shoutouts to Robert Stockstill and Dave Dutra for getting the final four correct.

These are the semifinals matches for tomorrow:

Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiromu Takahashi

And here are your updated scores for the challenge:

Robert Stockstill 41
Dave Dutra 40
Nick Mahmood 40
Justin Knipper 39
Dave Meltzer 39
Ste Allen 38
Justin Paine 37
Brady Childs 36
Juan Carlos Reneo 36
J. D. Oliva 36
Chris DePetrillo 35
Aaron Stone 35
Francisco Lopez 35
Paul Fontaine 35
Carlos Toro 33
Jeremy Finestone 31
Rich Bagu 31
Jarrett Seidler 31
Brian Burke 29
Ryan Fantasia 29
Chris Samsa 29
Ryan Pike 27
Rob Dougherty 26
Stephen Goodman 25
Kevin Ely 24
Mark Parolini 23
Mike Gilbert 23
GG 22
Jason Hagholm 21
Peter H 21
Ramsamy Subramanian 18
Abdullah Mamaniyat 13

7/1 update

The end of the second round of the New Japan Cup is over and we head to the quarter-finals.

Justin Knipper, Nick Mahmood, Justin Paine, and Ste Allen all got 7 out of the 8 quarterfinalists correct. Only Dave Meltzer got all 8 correct. Don’t worry, Dave can’t win.

Here are the matchups for the quarters:
Tomohiro Ishii vs. Hiromu Takahashi
Kazuchika Okada vs. Taiji Ishimori
Taichi vs. SANADA

Here are our point totals so far:

Dave Meltzer 31
Justin Paine 29
Nick Mahmood 28
Justin Knipper 27
Ste Allen 26
Robert Stockstill 25
Dave Dutra 24
Brady Childs 24
Juan Carlos Reneo 24
J. D. Oliva 24
Chris DePetrillo 23
Rich Bagu 23
Aaron Stone 23
Francisco Lopez 23
Paul Fontaine 23
Jarrett Seidler 23
Carlos Toro 21
Stephen Goodman 21
Brian Burke 21
Chris Samsa 21
Kevin Ely 20
Jeremy Finestone 19
Mark Parolini 19
Ryan Pike 19
Mike Gilbert 19
Ramsamy Subramanian 18
Rob Dougherty 18
GG 18
Jason Hagholm 17
Peter H 17
Ryan Fantasia 17
Abdullah Mamaniyat 13

6/24 update

The tournament doesn’t pick up until next week, but at least 1/2 of the second round is done.

Here are the standings in the middle of round two:

(Don’t worry, Dave can’t win.)

Justin Paine 23
Dave Meltzer 23
Nick Mahmood 22
Aaron Stone 21
Robert Stockstill 21
Paul Fontaine 21
Dave Dutra 20
Ste Allen 20
Juan Carlos Reneo 20
J. D. Oliva 20
Carlos Toro 19
Chris DePetrillo 19
Rich Bagu 19
Justin Knipper 19
Francisco Lopez 19
Brian Burke 19
Mike Gilbert 19
Jarrett Seidler 19
Kevin Ely 18
Brady Childs 18
GG 18
Jeremy Finestone 17
Mark Parolini 17
Stephen Goodman 17
Ryan Pike 17
Jason Hagholm 17
Rob Dougherty 16
Peter H 15
Ryan Fantasia 15
Chris Samsa 15
Abdullah Mamaniyat 13
Ramsamy Subramanian 12

6/23 update

The first round is now over and we have two brackets that only had one miss. And several brackets that had three misses or less. That’s not bad.

Tomorrow, half of the second round will happen, and we’ll update the point totals here. Remember, winners for the second round of the bracket are worth two points.

(Don’t worry, Dave can’t win.)

Justin Paine 15
Dave Meltzer 15
Nick Mahmood 14
Justin Knipper 13
Aaron Stone 13
Robert Stockstill 13
Paul Fontaine 13
Jarrett Seidler 13
Kevin Ely 12
Dave Dutra 12
Brady Childs 12
Ste Allen 12
Juan Carlos Reneo 12
J. D. Oliva 12
Rob Dougherty 12
GG 12
Carlos Toro 11
Jeremy Finestone 11
Chris DePetrillo 11
Rich Bagu 11
Stephen Goodman 11
Francisco Lopez 11
Jason Hagholm 11
Brian Burke 11
Chris Samsa 11
Mike Gilbert 11
Ramsamy Subramanian 10
Mark Parolini 9
Abdullah Mamaniyat 9
Ryan Pike 9
Peter H 9
Ryan Fantasia 9

6/22 update

This was quite a bracket busting day. If you had Tanahashi going far in your bracket, your bracket might be busted. If you have ZSJ going far in your bracket (raises hand), your bracket may be busted. And if you had Shingo going far in your bracket, well, you know.

Tomorrow is the last quadrant in the first round. And Wednesday will be the first half of the second round. It’s been super fun so far.

(Don’t worry, Dave can’t win.)

Justin Paine 11
Dave Meltzer 11
Justin Knipper 10
Nick Mahmood 10
Jarrett Seidler 10
Chris DePetrillo 9
Rich Bagu 9
Brady Childs 9
Aaron Stone 9
Robert Stockstill 9
Paul Fontaine 9
J. D. Oliva 9
Brian Burke 9
GG 9
Carlos Toro 8
Kevin Ely 8
Dave Dutra 8
Ste Allen 8
Stephen Goodman 8
Francisco Lopez 8
Juan Carlos Reneo 8
Chris Samsa 8
Mike Gilbert 8
Rob Dougherty 8
Jeremy Finestone 7
Ramsamy Subramanian 7
Abdullah Mamaniyat 7
Jason Hagholm 7
Ryan Pike 6
Peter H 6
Ryan Fantasia 6
Mark Parolini 5

6/17 update

So far, the tournament has been chalk, with one exception. On night two of the New Japan Cup, Yuji Nagata played the role of bracket buster. I haven’t gone back through brackets yet to verify, but I believe there were a few brackets which had Minoru Suzuki going deep into the tournament.

Ram Samy was the one one to take Nagata, but he’s never watched New Japan before so he also took Gedo over Okada. There are no perfect brackets left thanks to Nagata.

Here are the standings after night two:

Carlos Toro 7
Kevin Ely 7
Rich Bagu 7
Justin Knipper 7
Dave Dutra 7
Brady Childs 7
Aaron Stone 7
Stephen Goodman 7
Robert Stockstill 7
Juan Carlos Reneo 7
Paul Fontaine 7
J. D. Oliva 7
Brian Burke 7
Nick Mahmood 7
Justin Paine 7
Chris Samsa 7
Mike Gilbert 7
Jarrett Seidler 7
Dave Meltzer 7
GG 7
Chris DePetrillo 6
Abdullah Mamaniyat 6
Ste Allen 6
Francisco Lopez 6
Jason Hagholm 6
Rob Dougherty 6
Jeremy Finestone 5
Ryan Pike 5
Peter H 5
Ryan Fantasia 5
Mark Parolini 4
Ramsamy Subramanian 4

6/16 update

I’m going to use this post to update the scoring for our New Japan Cup Bracket Challenge, which is sponsored by the Fight Game Podcast.

After night one’s matches (in which four of the 16 first round matchups happened), here are the standings and point totals:

Carlos Toro 4
Kevin Ely 4
Abdullah Mamaniyat 4
Rich Bagu 4
Justin Knipper 4
Dave Dutra 4
Brady Childs 4
Aaron Stone 4
Stephen Goodman 4
Robert Stockstill 4
Francisco Lopez 4
Juan Carlos Reneo 4
Paul Fontaine 4
J. D. Oliva 4
Brian Burke 4
Nick Mahmood 4
Ryan Fantasia 4
Justin Paine 4
Chris Samsa 4
Mike Gilbert 4
Jarrett Seidler 4
Dave Meltzer 4
GG 4
Jeremy Finestone 3
Chris DePetrillo 3
Ste Allen 3
Ryan Pike 3
Jason Hagholm 3
Rob Dougherty 3
Mark Parolini 2
Ramsamy Subramanian 2
Peter H 2

If you heard last night’s Fight Game Podcast, very early in the show, John and I mentioned how to join our second New Japan Cup Bracket Challenge.

Last year, our top three finishers were myself (takes bow), Ryan Pike, and Chris Aiken. We all beat Dave Meltzer.

This year, we’re looking to open it up to more folks. If you want to join our bracket cup challenge, first you’ll need to join our Fight Game Podcast Facebook Group as that’s where everything is going to be happening. You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1958473677605950/.

Next, fill out your bracket here: https://sportofprowrestling.com/njpw/njc_2020_brackets/.

Fill it out and download it after you’ve finished. As a tie-breaker, we’re going to use total match time for the New Japan Cup final. It’s closest to total time no matter what, including going over.

Send me both your finished bracket and your total time for the main event to fightgamepod@gmail.com. They must both be sent to email before the first NJ Cup match starts.

There will be three prizes.

1st place: $50 gift card to Amazon
2nd place: $30 gift card to Amazon
3rd place: $20 gift card to Amazon

Scoring will be the same as how most NCAA March Madness challenges work. You’ll receive one point for every first round matchup you get right and it doubles every round until the final.

Let’s see who is good at booking New Japan and let’s see whose bracket gets busted.

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