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Video – Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy

In the opening segment on Monday Night Raw tonight, Becky Lynch cut a somber promo about having to go away for awhile. The women’s Money In The Bank briefcase was sitting on a table next to her. Asuka came out and Becky told her that the Money In The Bank ladder match, which was won by Asuka on the women’s side, was actually to win Becky’s Raw Women’s championship. She said she couldn’t fight anymore, but Asuka could.

She then opened it up and the belt was inside. She gave it to Asuka and Asuka went crazy, running all over the stage and raising the belt over hear head. Back inside the ring, Becky had a quote for her.

“So you go and be a warrior, ’cause I’m gonna go be a mother.”

Becky said to the invisible crowd that she was going to miss them.

After the segment, she tweeted out this:

You can watch a five minute version of the segment below.

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