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UFC 249 Main Card Live Coverage – Tony Ferguson Vs Justin Gaethje

UFC 249

The UFC is back! Though, I have conflicted feelings about the show going on, I can’t lie and say that I’m not excited to be able to watch the UFC with my kids and chat about it with friends.

If you want to check out the interview with Dave Meltzer for the Fight Game Podcast, you can listen below.

We’ll be back for the main card.

Yorgan De Castro Vs Greg Hardy

R1: After some good fights in the prelims, but all fights that went to decision, these two huge are throwing haymakers. Hardy is so much longer than De Castro. De Castro looks a little bit like San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval. De Castro started strong, but Hardy figured out the distance. In order to do that, he had to take some leg kicks to the thigh. But once he figured out the distance, De Castro was on the defensive. Both of these guys are going to blow themselves up.

R2: Hardy’s athleticism is showing, but he still looks so green. De Castro is starting to throw the leg kicks again. Hardy smartly stayed active even though he wasn’t doing anything special. De Castro may have hurt his foot on one of the glancing kicks he threw. Hardy looks much looser and comfortable.

R3: Hardy blasted De Castro with a right hand to start the round. May have woken up De Castro because started to be active again. Hardy landed a great leg kick of his own. De Castro fell trying to throw a kick and tried to goad Hardy into coming down, but Hardy just kicked and threw punches at his legs. De Castro did nothing for the last half of the round.

Winner: Greg Hardy by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, and 30-27)

Calvin Kattar Vs Jeremy Stephens

R1: Stephens looks sharp and explosive so far. He looks a lot stronger than Kattar too, which he probably is considering he missed weight coming into the fight. Stephens has tagged him with right hands twice already. Kattar threw a nice combination, but Stephens landed some nasty leg kicks. Kattar landed a right hand that should’ve dropped a large animal. Stephens looked like he might be out on his feet for a second, but he responded. Really good first round.

R2: Kattar came out strong as Stephens looks to have lost some steam. Could’ve also been that nasty right hand. Kattar threw a right elbow from left field that dropped him. I thought the fight was over there, but the referee allowed him to follow him to the ground and he threw two more nasty elbows that split Stephens’ head open. Then it was stopped.

Winner: Calvin Kattar by way of 2nd round KO

GSP is going into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik Vs Francis Ngannou

R1: Rozenstruik threw an inside leg kick and Ngannou wasn’t having it. He threw a wild punch that pushed Rozenstruik back against the cage. He couldn’t go back any further and Ngannou was able to tee off on him. He was so quick that he hit Rozenstruik an extra two or three times just because the referee couldn’t get there in time to stop it.

Winner: Francis Ngannou by way of 1st round KO

The knockout was in just 18 seconds.

Dominick Cruz Vs Henry Cejudo

R1: Cejudo is starting strong with nasty leg kicks. Cruz is staying active with his side-to-side movement, but Cejudo is still finding the inside leg. He threw one and slipped and Cruz had an advantage for a second. Cejudo got a takedown, but Cruz got up quickly. Lots of great defensive work in the round. They were trying to out-think each other late, but not a lot of action late. Good round for Cejudo.

R2: They clashed heads late in the round and Cejudo was busted wide open and bleeding. With just seconds left in the round, Cruz ducked right into a fantastic knee from Cejudo and went down. He was about to get up, but was hit with a right hand and went down again. Then Cejudo followed up with punches. The referee came in to stop. Right as he stopped it, Cruz looked like he was about to get up.

Winner: Henry Cejudo by way of 2nd round stoppage

During his interview, Cejudo said he wanted to retire.

Justin Gaethje Vs Tony Ferguson

R1: Ferguson is all over the place. Gaethje is pretty calm all things being considered. Ferguson is changing stances and very awkward. Gaethje landed some stiff shots that got a smile out of Ferguson. They double left-hooked each other. There was an eye poke late that pissed Ferguson off. Gaethje wins the first.

R2: Ferguson is standing right in the pocket and taking big shots. It wouldn’t hurt him to move his head. Gaethje was landing clean shots and Ferguson was just taking them. Right as the round was about to end, both men threw uppercuts. Tony’s landed before Gaethje’s got going and he put him on the floor.

R3: Ferguson’s eye is a mess. Gaethje is bleeding from the mouth too. Gaethje is coming with nasty left hooks and overhand rights. Ferguson is just eating them. He’s eating them like candy. Ferguson swept his leg. That’s a fun thing, but he’s losing all three rounds. He’s going to need more than that. Gaethje threw a left leg kick and landed which Ferguson walked through and then countered with left hook.

R4: Ferguson looks slow and is a bit of a heavy bag in there. He lands one or two shots that make you think that he’s still in this, but then he gets hit with a shot that wobbles him and he reacts like someone who has gotten his bell rung. It’s pretty hard to watch. He nearly put Tony down as he started to do the crazy legs dance. Gaethje couldn’t follow up, or maybe smartly didn’t because he was tired. But some of these rounds are brutal.

R5: It was finally stopped with just over a minute left. Gaethje knocked him backward with a jab and Ferguson tried to shake it off, but his body wasn’t having it. What a beating that was.

Winner: Justin Gaethje by way of 5th round TKO

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