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The Fight Game Podcast – The Last Dance Vs The Last Ride, Corrales Vs Castillo 15 Years Later, We Want Flair

the last dance vs the last ride

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It’s the Monday edition of the Fight Game Podcast. GG intros the show talking about the main event to the UFC card over the weekend which featured Walt Harris and Alistair Overeem. He then talks about Drew Gulak not coming to terms with WWE and wonders why there is such ownership worship with WWE fans.

BJ Cruz from Two Jabronis with a Wrestling Podcast joins the show to chat with GG about the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance and comparing and contrasting it with the WWE Network documentary on the Undertaker, The Last Ride. It’s the Last Dance vs the Last Ride. (14:20)

Robert Silva joins the show to talk about the 15th anniversary of Corrales vs Castillo as well as the pieces he’s been writing for Fight Game Media. (55:40)

John and GG wrap up the show with their We Want Flair segment on Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan from Bash at the Beach. (91:00)

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