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Money In The Bank Live Coverage

Welcome to our Money In The Bank live coverage.

We got started a little late, but we’ll catch up.

The New Day Vs Lucha House Party Vs The Miz & Morrison Vs The Forgotten Sons

There was some blind tagging going on like you’d expect. There were some fun Lucha House Party spots early on with Metalik performing the Spanish Fly on Morrison from the top to the floor and onto the others.

Miz got a near fall on with a Skull Crushing Finale. Jaxson Ryker interfered and was kicked out of the match. Metalik hit a springboard cross body but Big E caught him and he turned it into the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: New Day

MVP Vs R-Truth

They started arguing in the ring. Truth said that he wanted to help MVP with his balling. MVP was perplexed. Truth showed him his version of balling. Bobby Lashley came out and MVP said he was the replacement. This was all fairly lame considering it wasn’t mic’d very well.

Bobby Lashley Vs R-Truth

Truth tried to duck out of the match as well, accidentally slapped Lashley and then paid for it and was hit with a spear to end the squash.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Tamina Vs Bayley

Aggressive Bayley is a very good Bayley. Tamina is supposed to be somewhat of a monster in the women’s division, but Bayley is coming across way more aggressive than Tamina. Tamina went for a super kick, but Bayley turned it into a knee bar.

Bayley tried to get Tamina up, but Tamina fell on top of her. Tamina played more monster and clotheslined Bayley to the outside. Tamina went to the top rope and Bayley got her feet up, but Tamina avoided the feet. She then hit the super kick and the Samoan drop, but Sasha Banks started to interfere and Tamina stopped her pin. Bayley then crucifixed her shoulders on a rollup to win the match.

Winner: Bayley

Tamina tried to give Bayley the Samoan drop again, but Sasha undercut her and the heels outsmarted her again.

Bray Wyatt Vs Braun Strowman

This isn’t the Fiend. This is straight up Bray.

Strowman dominated early on. They’re selling Bray as a father figure to Strowman. I’m pretty sure Strowman is older than Bray. Strowman tried to rush Bray and ran directly into the announcer’s table. That was dumb.

Bray hit a tornado DDT and then the Sister Abigail for a two count. Announcer’s did really sell it all that hard that he kicked out of the finisher. Strowman caught him in a choke slam. Braun outsmarted Bray, but it came off as super lame. He went outside and put on the sheep mask to trick Bray into believing that he was back with the Wyatt family. Bray’s puppets were ringside and giving their approval. He then took it off and stomped it and gave Bray his powerslam to win the match.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Seth Rollins Vs Drew McIntyre

The Monday Night Messiah has new music and a new entrance.

Drew is a beast and started off strong, but Seth started out-working him. He used jumping knees on the outside to take out Drew. They were super clean. He went for a dive and Drew caught him and hit belly-to-belly throw on Rollins right on the announcer’s table. It looked great.

Seth knocked down the giant and hit a super kick with Drew on his knees and he kicked out at one. Seth hit a frog splash from the top and Drew kicked out again. Seth hit a great superplex into a falcon arrow. He then hit curb stomp and Drew kicked out at two.

They went back and forth. Drew was tied up on the top turnbuckle upside down. He then threw Seth from that position. It was very impressive.

They traded moves. Seth went for another curb stomp and Drew jumped up with a headbutt. Seth hit a super kick and then Drew hit his Claymore kick to beat him.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Drew shook Seth’s hand after the match. That was about as good as you’re going to get with this empty arena stuff. Seth is excellent at it and Drew is pretty close to him.

It’s time for the Money In The Bank matches which are both happening at the same time.

Money In The Bank

AJ Styles and Otis are out for the men. Nia Jax, Lacey Evans, Carmela, and Shayna Baszler are out for the women. Then Aleister Black and Baron Corbin came out for the men. Dana Brooke and Asuka entered to finish out the women’s entrances. Actually, Asuka wasn’t there. By the way, they are right by elevators. Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan finished off the entrances for the men. The men look to be fighting in the gym.

Asuka jumped off the top of the elevators onto all the women and she was the first in the elevator. Some of the other women decided to go up the stairs.

Baron Corbin broke the mirror in the gym. Maybe he’s scared about bad luck? Otis put a lot of weight on AJ’s chest to slow him down. Rey Mysterio was in the bathroom and Brother Love showed up. He must’ve been taking a deuce.

Asuka’s elevator was slow. The other women took the stairs and beat her up the elevator. No one told Dana Brooke the rules. She was in one of the conference rooms and grabbed the briefcase in the conference room. She thought she won. Stephanie McMahon told her that she didn’t win and she had to clean it up. Before that, there was a Doink the Clown sighting.

AJ was looking for Rey and walked into an Undertaker conference room and got flashbacks. Then ate a kick from Black who shut the door on him.

Paul Heyman was shown eating at the lunch buffet table. Otis called for a food fight and hit Heyman with a platter.

Otis found some desserts and before eating a cream pie, saw Johnny Ace and then hit him with it. Asuka is in the lead and everyone is chasing her.

Daniel Bryan and AJ were fighting in Vince McMahon’s office and got yelled at. They left quietly and put the chairs back. Vince is looking way old.

Nia and Asuka made it to the roof first. There’s a ring with ladders. Lacey Evans made it up. Even before the rest of the women could get to the top floor, Asuka climbed the ladder and secured the briefcase. Corbin is the first of the men to get to the roof. Asuka knocked him off to get her briefcase even though they both could’ve had one. Otis is the second guy up. Aleister Black made it up next. Then Rey. AJ made it up next and dumped both Black and Mysterio off the ladder. Corbin threw Mysterio off the roof. And then he dumped Black over the roof.

AJ and Corbin were fighting over the briefcase. Elias came out to hit Corbin. The briefcase slipped through AJ’s fingers and Otis caught it. Otis is your winner.

Winners: Asuka and Otis

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