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First Favorite Wrestler Series

On Fight Game Media this week, you’ll see essays from our writers based on one simple question I posed to them.

Which wrestler made you fall in love with wrestling?

While I’ve titled the series as First Favorite Wrestler, it’s also about which wrestler put the hooks into our writers to make them fans for life. You’ll hear their backstories about their wrestling fandom and what you’ll see is how crystal clear their memories are from their early days of being a fan.

I will link all of our pieces in this post and update it after every single one.

Dazza: Why I Blame Mark Rocco For My Love Of Wrestling

Chris Aiken: Bret Hart, An Artist In The Ring

Paul Fontaine: Owen Hart, The King

Chris DePetrillo: How Brian Pillman Became My Favorite Wrestler

John LaRocca: How Lex Luger Hooked Me On Pro Wrestling

Mike Gilbert: I Had The Ultimate Warrior

Jeremy Finestone: Thanks Ultimate Warrior

GG: I Was A Hulkamaniac.

Collaboration: All Of Our Favorites

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