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AEW Double Or Nothing Live Coverage – Jon Moxley Vs Brodie Lee

Double Or Nothing comes from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. All the details, including current match listing is on our website.

We’ll have Double Or Nothing live coverage here at 5PM/8PM.

Vickie Guerrero is ringside for the show as part of the audience.

On the pre-show, the Best Friends beat Private Party.

Casino Ladder Match

The first two entrants are Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky.

The ladders are red and don’t seem more solid than the normal silver ladders. They went to a stalemate for most of their two minutes but knocked heads right at the next entrant came through. It’s Kip Sabian. Jimmy Havoc helped Sabian and knocked both SCU members with a ladder. Kazarian gave Havoc a German suplex onto the ladder which was perched in the corner on the bottom rope.

Darby Allin was the fourth entrant. Darby perched a ladder on the apron and the barricade. And then stupidly, he went to the top of one of the ladders and went to go on a ride with his skateboard. He wanted to hit Kazarian, but he moved out of the way.

Orange Cassidy was fifth. He was in full gimmick of not knowing how the match works. Colt Cabana came out next. Cabana fell backward while on the ladder. Sabian was hip tossed on the ladder. Joey Janela came in like a house on fire. Luchsauraus is next.

Darby came back and gave Luchasauraus a Code Red from the top rope. Brian Cage is the mystery competitor. Cage tossed a lot of guys. He started to climb on the ladder and Cassidy was on his back. The rest of the competitors decided that Cage was Andre The Giant and they all went after him. They dumped him underneath the barricade, a ladder, and one of the big poker chips.

Cassidy dumped Sabian off the ladder and he fell back onto a ladder that was up against the turnbuckle. Penelope came in and she fell onto Sabian. Havoc jumped on Cassidy and the Best Friends came out and took him out. Marko Stunt came out and he and Luchasauraus dumped Cassidy. Janela gave Cassidy a Death Valley Driver on the poker chip that’s on top of cage. Cage fired up from under all the plunder and he and Luchasauraus went at it with kicks and knee lifts and Cage powerbombed in onto the ladder that was in the corner.

Cage put Allin on the top of the ladder which was perched in the corner on the top rope and he press slammed the ladder with him on it over the top rope. He then walked up the ladder and got the poker chip.

Winner: Brian Cage

That was a pretty slow ladder match.

Jungleboy Vs MJF

MJF faked a knee injury early. Sort of a weird move without a crowd. The announcers are really putting the guys over as the future. Cleary babyface/heel match. No shades of gray. MJF does heelish things and Jungleboy fights back like a babyface. They did a chop spot that would again seem to be better with a live crowd. They did the boo/yeah spot with strikes. MJF got hit with a Canadian Destroyer and then had a superkick in him. He then fell onto Jungleboy. Jungleboy turned his kick-out into a crossface. But his arm was hurt from earlier in the match and he couldn’t hold it.

Jungleboy did a reverse rana on MJF on the edge of the ring. That looked super dangerous.

Jungleboy and MJF were back in the ring and Jungleboy went to the top. MJF grabbed referee Aubrey’s leg and she touched the top rope and Jungleboy lost his balance. But then he did a powerbomb onto MJF from the top for a near fall.

They went through a series of roll-ups and MJF won with the European Clutch. Really good match.

Winner: MJF

Lance Archer Vs Cody Rhodes

Mike Tyson came out with the TNT belt.

This is another really good babyface/heel match. Archer isn’t trying to do anything but be a bad guy and Cody has to fight from behind. Archer did a pretty cool move where he walked the rope and then did a moonsault off the top. He also tossed Cody from the top rope to the floor. This was after he removed the turnbuckle pad.

Archer and Jake keep calling Big Swoll a bitch which is just not necessary. It’s the worst cheap heat possible.

Cody finally got his comeback and put a crossface on Archer, but had to break it because he used the string in Archer’s hair. Jake is on the apron and Cody did a DDT right in front of him. Archer was on the top rope and Cody did a cutter from the top. Archer kicked out at one like a monster.

Cody pulled out his dad’s comeback and then hit Dustin’s spinning suplex. He hit the Cross Rhodes and Archer kicked out hard at two. He hit a Stinger Splash as well.

Archer walked the top rope again. Jake had the ref’s eye. Arn knocked Archer down and Cody hit a reverse suplex from the top rope. A second ref saw Arn do it and Mike Tyson agreed. Arn was kicked out. And Jake was kicked out too. Jake came back with the snake and Tyson came out and told him to go back. He then took his shirt off and posed.

Cody then hit two Cross Rhodes to win the match.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Penelope Ford Vs Kris Statlander

This is a tope show and Kip and Penelope saved her life on hers. She was a bit too fired up. The match was okay, but they tried to do a little too much. Ford hit a hurricanrana from the top rope and Statlander did a comical sell which was the second worst thing on this show so far. She then hit her Gotch-like piledriver for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Shawn Spears Vs Dustin Rhodes

The announcers have teased that Dustin wasn’t looking too good all week and they didn’t know if he was going to be at the show. Dustin’s music played and Spears said that was a joke and that he wasn’t there. He is not wearing his gear. Dustin’s music played again. Brandi came out and Dustin snuck out from behind.

Spears flipped off Brandi, which seemed over the line again and not necessary. Dustin took his slacks off so Spears is wrestling in his underwear. Dustin pulled his shorts down. Spears’ underwear has a photo of Tully Blanchard on the crotch spot. Dustin hit his spinning suplex to win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Hikaru Shida Vs Nyla Rose

This is No DQ and no count out. Rose has a kendo stick and Shida has nothing. Shida got the kendo stick and Nyla caught it with her underarm.

Nyla bullied her, throwing her through a table on the outside. And then she said, “Always bet on black,” as if she was Wesley Snipes from Passenger 57.

Shida dumped Nyla over the barricade. Well, Nyla helped her by jumping. She knocked her face on the big poker chip table and then ran up on the table to give Nyla a running knee up against another one of the big poker chips.

Every time Shida attempts to make a comeback, Nyla counters her. And now, she’s using the kendo stick on Shida. Shida got a two count with what Excalibur called an Avalanche Falcon Arrow. I’ll take his word for it. Shida hit a running knee and then popped Nyla with a kendo stick in the head. She then hit another running knee and pinned her.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Brodie Lee Vs Jon Moxley

As expected, this is more of a wild brawl than it is a professional wrestling match. Lee has a nasty bruise on his right bicep.

Moxley gave Lee his DDT on the ramp, but they both went through the boards and under the ramp. Lee came up bleeding. Moxley gave him another DDT inside the ring and Lee kicked out at one. He gave him another and Lee kicked out at two. Moxley put on a bully choke and Lee went to sleep.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara Vs The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Broken Matt Hardy, and Adam Page

It’s the Stadium Stampede match. The Inner Circle came out in football jerseys. The Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders were there too.

It was like Braveheart as the guys ran at each other with weapons. Page came out on a horse and galloped at Guevara. Matt’s ribs are taped up.

This is chaotic. They were in the ring and then did moves and left the ring. Sammy Guevara did a shooting star press to the outside. Jericho ran Nick Jackson into the goal post. Matt grabbed a ladder so he could get to the goal post and do a moonsault off it. They covered Jericho on the field and not in the ring, so I guess it doesn’t need to be inside the ring.

They started fighting in the stands. Page was looking for Sammy in the stadium, but we already saw Sammy on the field.

Santana and Ortiz powerbombed Omega on a table in the stands. They also threw Hardy into a pool. Hardy was underwater and he transformed from Broken Matt Hardy to WWE’s Matt Hardy and then to Matt Hardy V1. He then went back to Broken Matt Hardy. That was nutty. Matt then duck taped Ortiz to a wheel chair. He also put Santana in the ice box and locked him in.

Hager found Page at the bar. They both had a shot and then started fighting. Hager chokeslammed Page on a pool table.

Omega found Page and Hager and helped him. They started to hit Hager with bottles of the bubbly. They performed a buckshot lariat over the bar. They gave each other cheers but Omega had milk.

Back on the field, Matt and Sammy are trading counters and then Matt gave him a series of Northern Lights suplexes which couldn’t have been all that fun. He went half the field. And then he went the full field.

Jericho tried to pin Nick Jackson and threw the red flag after he only got a two count. They went in a replay tent, which is actually for concussions, but okay.

Nick splashed Jericho through the table after jumping off the rail in the first row of seats. Page laid down the white line right over Jericho. Guevara was chased by the bullpen cart again. They went into the stands. Omega gave Guevara the One-Winged Angel from about 15 feet up and through what looked to be a bunch of cardboard. He then pinned Guevara. That was nuts.

Winner: The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Broken Matt Hardy, and Adam Page

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