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WrestleMania 36 Night Two Live Coverage

We’ll be live with WrestleMania 36 night two coverage. Follow along!

Night one of WrestleMania 36 is in the books and we’ll be back live with coverage of night two.

At least we now know what matches to look forward to tonight. If you missed it, check out our podcast recapping night one.

Charlotte Vs Rhea Ripley

Lots of trash talking to start. Rhea hit the Riptide early for a quick two-count. Lots of grunting as if this is a women’s tennis match.

It’s hard hitting and the women are working hard. Charlotte is telling Rhea that she was NXT. Rhea is selling her ass off, which works here against Charlotte but won’t work against smaller women. Charlotte is going for the knee to set up the Figure Eight. She clipped her against the ropes. Ripley reversed an attempt to get into the move and put her in the standing Texas Cloverleaf.

Everything is a fight. They’re not feeding into stuff easily. Finally, Charlotte put on the Figure Eight. Ripley struggled and finally had to tap. Good start to the show.

Winner: Charlotte

Bobby Lashley Vs Aleister Black

Lashley is silent compared to the first match. Lashley held a suplex twice while getting kneed in the face by Black trying to get out of it. He finally hit it. Then he went for a spear and ate a big knee to the face.

Lashley was dominating and then was trying to set something up. Lana called for the spear and when he did it, he ate the Black Mass and was pinned.

Winner: Aleister Black

Gronk wants the 24/7 title, even though he’s a NFL champion.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Otis

No Mandy at ringside, though Sonya Deville is there for Dolph.

Dolph had the upper hand for several minutes until he went for the Zig Zag and Otis caught his legs and launched him into the turnbuckle. Otis’ way of hulking up is a hip trust while up against the ropes.

He went on the offense, throwing Ziggler into the barricade and ring post outside. Back inside the ring, he went for the caterpillar and Deville jumped on the apron. He looked at her and said, “What are you doing?” Then Ziggler kicked him right in the ball bag. He went down, but then Mandy’s music played. She came out and slapped Deville. Then she hit Dolph low. Otis hit the caterpillar and got the win.

Winner: Otis

After the match, Otis picked Rose up and they kissed.

Edge Vs Randy Orton

This is a last man standing match.

Orton was dressed as a camera man and came from behind to hit Edge with a RKO. The ref told Edge he had to give him a verbal that he was okay. He did. Then he yelled at him to get back on his feet. Once he did, Randy hit another RKO.

They went outside the ring and Randy hit him with a camera. The ref started the count, but Edge got up. They went into the back area gym. Orton put the TRX ropes around Edge and sort of hung him. That was bad taste, especially after we just all rehashed the Benoit situation.

They kept moving the match to other parts of the building. The lack of announcing is hurting the match here. There’s too much whispering and not actually explaining the intensity.

20 minutes later…

Edge put the standing head and arm choke on Orton and before the referee could slowly count, Edge told him to stop and then blasted him with a conchairto. This was after crying. Finally, Randy Orton was counted out.

Winner: Edge

Mojo ran out near ringside and was mobbed by nothing but longhaired people I didn’t recognize. From the balcony, Rob Gronkowski did a coffin drop on everyone and pinned Mojo to win the 24/7 title.

Angel Garza & Austin Theory Vs Street Profits

This was nothing but action with the Street Profits retaining their titles. Garza was great here. Dawkins pinned Theory after Ford hit the From The Heavens.

Winner: Street Profits

After the match, Zelina and the heels were working over Ford and his wife, Bianca Belair came in the for the save and gave Vega the KOD.

Sasha Banks Vs Tamina Vs Lacey Evans Vs Naomi Vs Bayley

This is an elimination match. All the women other than Tamina do top rope moves onto her and then they pin her all at once. It’s now down to four women.

Naomi tapped out to the Bank Statement. They’re down to three.

Evans knocked out Banks and pinned her and it’s down to two.

Evans and Bayley were okay together. Sasha interfered and hit the Backstabber on Lacey, allowing Bayley to pin her after hitting the One-Percenter.

Winner: Bayley

John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt

This wasn’t a match. It was a 15 minute video package with cut scenes to the ghosts of wrestling’s past. Cena was dressed as Ruthless Aggression Cena and Bray was toying with him. Then, the Saturday Night Main Event music and video played. Bray was behind the blue steel cage cutting a promo and introduced Johnny Largemeat who was Cena doing about 100 dumbbell curls.

Then, we saw Word Life Cena cutting promos that rhyme. Soon, we saw the WCW Nitro video and Cena and Wyatt were the nWo. There was also a Vince puppet who said, “This is such good shit.”

Then, at some point, Bray was the Fiend and then it was over. It was interesting and well produced. I just wish I knew what the purpose was.

Drew McIntyre Vs Brock Lesnar

We got an early Claymore kick and Brock kicked out at two. Brock hit a German suplex and then a F5. Drew kicked out at one. After another F5, Drew kicked out at two. McIntyre hit two more Claymore kicks to win the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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