The Fight Game Podcast – UFC 248 with Dave Meltzer, WrestleMania 36 Build, Canelo, WWE Elimination Chamber

UFC 248

GG and John are back to talk wrestling and GG interviews Dave Meltzer to talk about UFC 248.

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GG and John are back with the Fight Game Podcast. Dave Meltzer joins the show as well to talk about UFC 248.

John and GG open up the show talking about pushing We Want Flair one more week, but for good reason. They discuss the major angles on Raw which head into WrestleMania 36 (4:20).

They talk about the rumored Canelo fight for May 2nd (14:53). Next, GG and Dave Meltzer talk about the title fights for UFC 248 (16:40).

GG and John come back to talk about both Wednesday night wrestling shows (24:30) and then end the show talking about this weekend’s WWE Elimination Chamber PPV (1:10:00).

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