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Wilder Vs Fury 2 Predictions

wilder vs fury 2 predictions
There’s a big heavyweight boxing fight this weekend. Here’s our Wilder vs Fury 2 predictions column.

I asked some of the smartest boxing minds I know personally about their thoughts on Saturday’s huge heavyweight battle between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. Friend of the website, Matt Prentice, Carlos Toro from Fightful, co-host of the World Championship Boxing Podcast and many time contributor here Robert Silva, and myself are part of the crew.

Wilder vs Fury 2 predictions

Matt Prentice

Prediction: Fury by 10th round TKO
The first act of this rivalry ended in a very disputed twelve-round draw, which saw Fury outbox his opponent and buckle the legs of the undefeated WBC champion before hitting the deck twice in the late rounds. Act two will see a better conditioned Fury impose all 6’9 and 275 pounds of his frame onto Wilder, draining him by the later rounds. Down on the cards and desperate for a finish, Wilder leaves himself open and Fury forces referee Kenny Bayless to step in. A messy fight with viewers on the edge of their seat all the way through.

Carlos Toro

Prediction: Fury by decision
Looking at this fight, to me, this fight boils down to Fury’s ability to avoid getting knocked out by Fury and getting back up in time to beat the 10-count if he gets knocked down again (which is almost a guarantee at this point looking at Wilder’s recent performances). Fury has proven that he can not only withstand heavy punches from Wilder but also deal with a nasty cut such as the one that he had against Otto Wallin last year. I believe Fury will eventually give us a similar performance like in the first fight with the only exception being that Fury will be a lot more aggressive if he manages to hit Wilder hard. Do I believe Wilder’s power could effectively end the bout at any moment? Absolutely. But I do also believe in Fury’s mobility and boxing ability and having experienced Wilder’s power and being able to get back up, not once, but twice, will give him a lot of confidence heading into the rematch.

Robert Silva

Prediction: Wilder by late TKO (between rounds 9-11)
I see this fight as basically a carbon copy of the first fight: Fury building a substantial lead by outboxing Wilder. Wilder will not utilize any jab or head movement. He will be stalking Fury the entire fight until sometime between rounds 9-11, he will land that sledgehammer of a right hand that will drop Fury. This time, Fury will not get up.


Prediction: Wilder by late TKO
I’m very hopeful that Tyson Fury’s style from the first fight works just as well here. He out-boxed Deontay for most of the fight. It’s going to be on Fury to bring the action while Wilder waits to unleash that python-like right hand. And maybe, if we’re to believe the Fury camp, some of those punches that landed before might have more behind them this fight. But even if that happens, which will make it a high quality fight, I still think the fight’s rhythm is similar to the first. Wilder will land the bombs and Fury will have to make sure he stays upright. This time? I think Wilder will stop him, but I also think Fury has a great showing here and is competitive enough to where the appetite will be there for a third fight.

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