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UFC 247 Live Coverage – Jon Jones Vs Dominick Reyes

Check out our UFC 247 live coverage for tonight’s main card PPV.

In just a few hours we’ll have UFC 247 live coverage of the main card, which starts at 7PM Pacific. Before the show starts, you can check out Paul Fontaine’s guide to the show.

You can also listen to the preview of the show that I did with Josh Nason, which starts at about the 7:42 mark.

We’ll be back when the PPV starts.

They did a nice tribute to Kobe Bryant before they started the opening video package.

Ilir Latifi Vs Derrick Lewis

The first big blow of the fight is a jumping knee from Lewis of all things, and it landed. Latifi hung on and they were tied up against the cage. He went for a takedown, but Lewis was able to balance and stay upright. The referee separated them with about 1:40 to go. Lewis landed a left high kick. He threw another one that Latifi may have slightly blocked. Lewis stuffed another takedown attempt. First round goes to Lewis.

Latifi landed a couple of low leg kicks which made Lewis less aggressive. He didn’t like getting kicked there. He also finally got a takedown. But he failed to do anything with it and they were stood back up. Lewis, knowing he was behind in the round, tried to quickly land some strikes to swing the round, but instead was tossed to the ground. Fight is split after two rounds.

Latifi got another takedown. He used half guard to hold Lewis down. Lewis gave him his back to get up and was able to get back to his feet. He went for another knee, but they were quickly back in the clinch. Lewis landed a knee to the body. Latifi got another trip, but Lewis was back on his feet. He landed a big kick and then a big right hand. He may have won the fight with that. Lewis is landing late to secure this one.

Winner: Derrick Lewis by way of unanimous decision

Dan Ige Vs Mirsad Bektić

Ige got a quick trip and then when Bektić got up, he got kneed in the face. Bektić lost his footing while trying to throw an inside knee and went down. Ige landed a left hook that slightly buckled Bektić. He’s a split second faster to everything. Ige landed a big right out of the break. Bektić finally landed a nice left. Strong round for Ige.

Bektić came out strong right out of the rest. Bektić had Ige on the ground and got him in an arm triangle. Ige fought it and got out and then tried for a kimura. This is Bektić’s round all the way.

Ige landed a couple punches including a nice jab. Bektić was going for the takedown when they were split up. Ige senses urgent times and immediately went on the attack. Ige left himself open and was taken down, though he wasn’t in a bad position. Bektić eventually went for side control, but Ige got up. Ige rolled out of the go behind and Bektić had a front facelock. They were both going for stuff late. Close round. I’d maybe give it to Ige, but either score would be fine, including a draw.

Winner: Dan Ige by way of split decision.

He got two of the three scorecards 29-28.

Justin Tafa Vs Juan Adams

Tafa knocked Adams out pretty quickly. He dropped a tree too. Adams was gigantic in the cage. Tafa dropped him with a right hook and then a right uppercut which put his lights out.

Winner: Justin Tafa by way of 1st round TKO

Katlyn Chookagian Vs Valentina Shevchenko

Chookagian is much longer, but early on, it’s to her disadvantage. Shevchenko is so quick that by the time Chookagian gets done with her one strike, Shevchenko is two or three coming back at her. Chookagian landed a kick to the mid-section, but Shevchenko caught it and took her down. Shevchenko landed an elbow from the top position that opened up a cut on the side of Chookagian’s left eye a few seconds before the bell.

Shevchenko lands a kick to the midsection and then a reverse kick to begin the round and then follows up with a leg kick. Chookagian can’t even really counter because she’s too slow. Shevchenko is putting on a clinic with her kicks. She’s untouchable so far.

Chookagian threw one kick that got through but was still blocked. She threw a knee, but Shevchenko caught it and took her down. She put her in the little sister position and started raining down shots and the fight was stopped. What a performance.

Winner: Valentina Shevchenko by way of 3rd round TKO

Dominick Reyes Vs Jon Jones

Reyes is in and out and he’s trying to beat Jones to the leg kicks. Jones seems like he’s trying to figure him out as the fight is going on. Reyes knocked him down with a left hand. He backed Jones up with a body shot. Jones can’t figure him out. He’s getting hit with stuff that he’d normally not get hit with. Jones had a better last minute of the round, but Reyes clearly won it.

Jones tried to back-peddle and Reyes wouldn’t let him. He kept pressuring him. Reyes is doing a lot of movement and looks to be slowing down already. He’s sweating profusely and Jones is dry. Jones landed a jab as Reyes tried coming forward. That one looked to possibly be a round changer. I think Reyes still did enough to win the round, but Jones made it super close.

Reyes is starting the third quickly again. He’s won the first two minutes of the third too. Jon finally went for a takedown, but Reyes stopped it. He’s still keeping the tempo up. When Jones throws his right hand, Reyes follows up with an uppercut. It’s been there the whole time. It’s quite possible that Reyes is up 3-0.

Reyes started the round wildly with shots and Jones looked hurt. Jones immediately went to the wrestling and got one takedown, but Reyes was up. Jones landed a low kick and then went for a takedown, but didn’t get it. Reyes is really slowing down now, but he’s still quick with his counters. Jones is starting to land some shots and this might be the first round I give him on my scorecard.

Jones shot in for a takedown and finally got it. He tried to get on his back, but Reyes turned him around. Jones is picking him apart in the fifth. Reyes is still moving well, but doesn’t have much on his punches and they’re really long now. Jones is throwing a short elbow that’s landing. Great round for Jones and he really closed this fight strong. I have it 3-2 for Reyes, but sort of expect Jones to get this decision.

Winner: Jon Jones by way of unanimous decision

Jones won by scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

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