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The Fight Game Podcast – Shayna Biting Becky

shayna biting becky
In this snippet of the Fight Game Podcast, GG and John talk about the Shayna biting Becky angle and where it may have come from.

You can hear a snippet here:

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer (subscription required), Dave Meltzer wrote the following:

One of Heyman’s idols as a kid was Fred Blassie, whose gimmick was biting and was nicknamed “The Vampire.” This was clearly inspired by Blassie, in particular how over Blassie got in Japan from biting the Great Togo in one of the most memorable and talked about segments ever on Japanese television. Three elderly people legitimately died from heart attacks and it was a major news story in Japan and was covered as a news story in the U.S at the time as well. Blassie later exaggerated the story to that in all the years he wrestled in Japan, he caused 97 people to die of shock from his biting and considered it a failure because his goal was to hit 100, It was actually Togo who he bit but most remember that story as being with Rikidozan, since Rikidozan was his big rival at the time.

You can hear the full show below.

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