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AEW Revolution Live Coverage – Chris Jericho Vs Jon Moxley

Check out our AEW Revolution live coverage.

AEW’s first PPV of 2020, Revolution is here. We’ll be back right at the start of the PPV show with full live coverage of the event.

In the pre-show match, Dark Order beat SCU.

Dustin Rhodes Vs Jake Hager

Hager came out and made out with his wife (who was sitting in the front row) in the most heelish way possible.

The match told a solid story and went much longer than you’d think. Hager was in control for a lot of it, including clotheslining Dustin on the outside, which he sold big time.

At one point, he kissed Hager’s wife and got his makeup all over her face.

Dustin made his comeback and set up the Shattered Dreams. He didn’t get it but still kicked Hager low and I don’t think the ref was supposed to see it. He then hit the Canadian Destroyer and the powerslam.

He went for the Ronda Rousey arm bar, but Hager fought out of it and put on the ankle lock. He then got the standing head and arm choke for the win.

Winner: Jake Hager

Sammy Guevara Vs Darby Allin

Darby dove over the bottom rope and under the top rope to dive out on Sammy.

He put Sammy over the barricade and then did another dive, but he hit his heel on the top rope and crashed and burned. Sammy grabbed a table and did a 630 splash from the top to the floor. It was nuts.

The match hadn’t even started yet.

Guevara did a double foot stomp on the apron early. He ate a nutty Spanish Fly from the top rope. Darby then hit his version of the Stunner and then the Coffin Drop for the pin. He tried hitting Sammy with the skateboard, but Hager saved him.

Winner: Darby Allin

The Young Bucks Vs Adam Page & Kenny Omega

There was a little gamesmanship between the two teams. Page spit right in Matt’s face. Bucks are working slightly more heelish.

Match was set up for Hangman to do the hot tag. He cleaned house. He dumped both Bucks over the top and did a front flip dive over the top. He threw both of them out of the ring and did a moonsault from the top.

Matt was dropped right on top of his head, but he may have over-rotated thankfully. Page is the superstar of this match. Everything is setup for him to look fantastic. Page went to put the chicken wing on Matt and Nick did a 450 off the top to break it up.

Later, he did a moonsault slam from the top rope. That was nuts. Omega started to clean house with V-Triggers and then he hit Nick Jackson with a Tiger Driver ’98. He put Nick on the top rope and Nick reversed it and did a Poison-rana from the top rope. Omega sold the hell out of it. The Bucks gave Page the Indietaker on the ramp. Now it’s Superkick city on Omega. They hit the double Kamigoye and Omega kicked out at one and fired up like he was Hulk Hogan. Then he ate a double Superkick for a two count. They were about to hit the Meltzer Driver, but Page pulled Nick down and put him through a table. Page and Omega hit the V-Trigger/Clothesline combo for a two count on Matt.

Omega couldn’t hit the One Winged Angel, but Page did. Nick broke it up. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat to beat Matt. Great match.

Winner: Adam Page & Kenny Omega

Kris Statlander Vs Nyla Rose

The match sucked pretty badly out of the gate. But Statlander made a great comeback and did two dives that looked great. Then she blew up and they had to slow down, which actually made the match better. There were several sloppy spots, including Stalander trying to superplex Rose and it was botched. Nyla won with a powerbomb from the top and she folded her like a chair.

Winner: Nyla Rose

MJF Vs Cody

Lots of heat before the match started as MJF took a powder early and was in the crowd for 5 minutes, slapping hats and throwing beers at fans.

Brandi threw a beer in Wardlow’s face and he chased her into Coach Arn Anderson who was standing there with his eraser board. Cody dove into Wardlow and Coach Arn celebrated like he was Andy Reid.

MJF went after Cody’s left arm. Then he took his boot off to expose Cody’s broken toe. He started biting it. Cody did a reverse suplex off the top rope. Then the Disaster kick which sent MJF out to the floor. MJF is now bleeding profusely.

Brandi jumped on Wardlow, but he caught her. Cody went to the outside. He went to boot Wardlow, but he moved and Cody booted Arn.

Cody did the Dusty punches and MJF went down. But MJF caught him in the Cross Rhodes for two. Cody put him in the Gory Special for the two. MJF crawled to Cody and tried to hug him. Then he spit in his face. Cody went for a Cross Rhodes and then another. He went for a third and MJF got out of it and then pulled the ring out of his tights and hit Cody with it without the ref looking and knocked him out.

Winner: MJF

Pac Vs Orange Cassidy

Pac played the Cassidy game early on as they traded soft low kicks. Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and got an arm drag out of it. Then Pac got upset and started killing him. He hit the shotgun dropkick. He hit a Brainbuster from the top rope and pulled him up on the two count. Cassidy rolled over and over and over and Pac got upset.

Cassidy then got up and hit a tope on Pac and then hit a high cross from the top and a DDT for a 1 1/2 count. Cassidy hit a Superman punch and then reversed Pac into a stunner. Cassidy countered Pac with a DDT from the top and then hit a diving DDT from the top rope.

The Best Friends joined the match, which brought out the Lucha Bros. Pac then put on the Brutalizer for the win.

Winner: Pac

Jon Moxley Vs Chris Jericho

Moxley walked from outside the arena, through the crowd, and into the ring. A choir sang Jericho into the ring.

They immediately went to the outside and were brawling in the crowd. Moxley tried to bite Jericho’s stitches off. Jericho sent Moxley into the post and it looks like he got cut hard way.

Jericho tried for a Walls of Jericho and Moxley countered it. Moxley went into his own Walls, but Hager came out and Moxley had to give up the move and eat a Codebreaker. Jericho went back to the Walls.

Ref Aubrey had to throw out Santana and Ortiz and Hager out of the match because of interference, which allowed Sammy Guevara to hit Mox with the belt for a near fall.

Jericho hurt his good eye. Jericho tried to set up the Judas Effect, but he missed. Mox hit the DDT. Mox pulled off the eye patch and showed everyone that he could actually see out of his bad eye. He hit his DDT again and won the match. Jon Moxley is your new champion.

Winner: Jon Moxley

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