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WWE Royal Rumble Live Coverage

royal rumble live coverage
Check out our Royal Rumble live coverage. We’ll kick it off with the main show.

It’s the show that kicks off WrestleMania season officially. With two Royal Rumbles, there’s bound to be some surprises. We’ll have live coverage here. Just refresh your browser every 10 minutes or so. If you want to follow us on Twitter…

We’ll be back with the main card.

In the preshow matches, Sheamus beat Shorty G with the Brogue kick and Andrade beat Humberto Castillo.

Roman Reigns Vs Baron Corbin

It’s a falls count anywhere match. The match didn’t stay in the ring for long. They immediately went outside and Corbin put Reigns through a table with a chokeslam twice. Reigns got him back with a Samoan Drop through another table. But they are nowhere near the ring at this point.

Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler came out to help Corbin which brought out the Usos to even the score. There are porta potty’s in the park for some reason and of course, they used it. Roman put Baron in it and dumped it over. They started to fight on the top of the dugout and Roman speared him and pinned him.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Women’s Royal Rumble

With the women’s match being this high on the card, it doesn’t look like Ronda will be part of this.

Molly Holly came out for the first big pop. Martinez was working on Lana and Morgan came in and speared her out, as she was already on the apron on the other side of the ring ropes. Morgan went to the top rope and Lana pulled her off and she was eliminated. Bianca dumped out Molly. Alexa dumped Mandy out but Otis was there for the save. Martinez was dumped out by Fire & Desire. Bianca used Alexa get eliminate Cross. Rose got dumped but Otis caught her again. Then Deville got dumped and he tried to catch her too, but they all fell. Bianca also dumped Candice. Sane went to the top and Bliss punched her and she flew out. Bianca also dumped out Tamina who didn’t even last two minutes.

Alexa dumped out Yim. Green was in for 15 seconds. She dumped out Kai and then was tossed by Alexa. Bliss and Bianca had a tug-o-war with Bianca’s hair and Bliss lost. Bianca stands alone. Naomi is back. Charlotte eliminated Bianca. Sarah Logan went right at Charlotte and was quickly eliminated. Charlotte’s nose might be broken. Charlotte also eliminated Kelly Kelly. Santina made a comeback. And Santina gave herself the Cobra and was eliminated. Shayna dumped out Xia Le and Tegan Nox.

She also dumped out Vega and Blackheart. And then Carmella too. And then Storm. And then Naomi. After working together for the whole match, Beth threw out Natalya. Shayna threw out Beth. Charlotte finally threw out Shayna.

Order of entrants
1. Alexa Bliss
2. Bianca Belair
3. Molly Holly
4. Nikki Cross
5. Lana
6. Mercedes Martinez
7. Liv Morgan
8. Mandy Rose
9. Candice LeRae
10. Sonja Deville
11. Kairi Sane
12. Mia Yim
13. Dana Brooke
14. Tamina
15. Dakota Kai
16. Chelsea Green
17. Charlotte
18. Naomi
19. Beth Phoenix
20. Toni Storm
21. Kelly Kelly
22. Sarah Logan
23. Natalya
24. Xia Li
25. Zelina Vega
26. Shotzi Blackheart
27. Carmella
28. Tegan Nox
29. Santina
30. Shayna Bazler

Order of elimination
1. Lana
2. Liv Morgan
3. Molly Holly
4. Mercedes Martinez
5. Nikki Cross
6. Mandy Rose
7. Sonya Deville
8. Candice LeRae
9. Kairi Sane
10. Tamina
11. Mia Yim
12. Dakota Kai
13. Chelsea Green
14. Dana Brooke
15. Alexa Bliss
16. Bianca Belair
17. Sarah Logan
18. Kelly Kelly
19. Santina
20. Xia Le
21. Tegan Nox
22. Zelina Vega
23. Shotzi Blackheart
24. Toni Storm
25. Carmella
26. Naomi
27. Natalya
28. Beth Phoenix
29. Shayna

Winner: Charlotte

Bayley Vs Lacey Evans

Not a good match. Bayley outsmarted Lacey, with Lacey’s kid right in the front row. Bayley faked her out early with a fake knee injury. She stayed one step ahead of Lacey. She won after Lacey went for her springboard moonsault and missed. She pulled the tights to heel on the victory.

Winner: Bayley

Daniel Bryan Vs The Fiend (Bray Wyatt)

It’s pinfall or submission rather than touching the four corners. Daniel Bryan is getting whipped hard by the strap. Bryan hit the running knees for a two count. Bryan jumped over the ring post from turnbuckle, but because of the wacky camera, you didn’t see it all that well. Bryan also DDTd Wyatt on the announcer table, but it didn’t break.

Bryan went for the knees again, but the Fiend caught him in the Sister Abigail. He got a two count. Bryan went for the LaBelle lock and used the strap across Wyatt’s face to pull back. He hit another flying knee for a two count. Bryan hit him with strap shots right to the chest and the Fiend no sold them. Then he gave him the Mandible Claw and then used a chokeslam from that position to beat him.

Winner: The Fiend (Bray Wyatt)

Asuka Vs Becky Lynch

Asuka was beating the hell out of Becky and kicked her in the head. The ref tried to sell that Becky was knocked out, but if she was, doesn’t that mean Asuka wins? The ref was about to call it, but Becky stopped him. Asuka kicked her a few times and she tried to hulk up, but was almost knocked out again. But Asuka only got a two count.

Becky kept going for the Disarmer, but couldn’t get it. Late in the match, Asuka loaded up the green mist, but Becky kicked her in the gut and Asuka spit it upward. Then Becky locked her in the Disarmer for the win.

Earlier in the match, there was this great moment.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Men’s Royal Runble

Brock Lesnar is number one and Elias is number two. He quickly eliminated Elias. Rowan came in and was immediately eliminated. Roode was also in and out. Morrison was in and out. Big E, Kofi, and Rey triple teamed Brock. Brock caught Mysterio and dumped him. Then he clotheslined Big E out. Then he dumped out Kofi. He’s by himself again. Cesaro was in and out. Shelton Benjamin came in and thought he and Brock were buddies. Then Brock eliminated him. He then did the same to Nakamura, but faster.

MVP came out and Brock tossed him. Brock suplexed Lee and Strowman all over the ring. They started to fight each other and then he tossed them. Ricochet low blowed Lesnar and Drew kicked him out. Drew then tossed Ricochet out. Drew kicked Miz in the face and dumped him. Edge came in like a house of fire. AJ Styles hurt his shoulder. Edge tossed him out. Riddle came in hot and Corbin tossed him out. McIntyre eliminated Corbin. Rated RKO eliminated the Good Brothers. Rollins tossed Black. Rollins tossed Owens. And then he tossed Joe.

The five left are Orton, Rollins, Reigns, Edge, and McIntyre. Seth tried to team with Roman, but Roman hit the Superman’s punch on him and everyone hit their move and Drew tossed him out. Edge went rogue on Orton to throw him out. Edge speared Reigns and tossed him, but Roman didn’t go out. They fought on the apron and Roman tossed him out. McIntyre hit Roman with the kick and then threw him out.

Order of entrants
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Elias
3. Rowan
4. Robert Roode
5. John Morrison
6. Kofi Kingston
7. Rey Mysterio
8. Big E
9. Cesaro
10. Shelton Benjamin
11. Shinsuke Nakamura
12. MVP
13. Keith Lee
14. Braun Strowman
15. Ricochet
16. Drew McIntyre
17. The Miz
18. AJ Styles
19. Dolph Ziggler
20. Karl Anderson
21. Edge
22. Baron Corbin
23. Matt Riddle
24. Luke Gallows
25. Randy Orton
26. Roman Reigns
27. Kevin Owens
28. Aleister Black
29. Samoa Joe
30. Seth Rollins

Order of elimination
1. Elias
2. Rowan
3. Robert Roode
4. John Morrison
5. Rey Mysterio
6. Big E
7. Kofi Kingston
8. Cesaro
9. Shelton Benjamin
10. Shinsuke Nakamura
11. MVP
12. Keith Lee
13. Braun Strowman
14. Brock Lesnar
15. Ricochet
16. The Miz
17. AJ Styles
18. Matt Riddle
19. Baron Corbin
20. Luke Gallows
21. Karl Anderson
22. Dolph Ziggler
23. Aleister Black
24. Kevin Owens
25. Samoa Joe
26. Seth Rollins
27. Randy Orton
28. Edge
29. Roman Reigns

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