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UFC 246 Live Coverage – McGregor Vs Cowboy (Cerrone)

UFC 246 live coverage
Conor McGregor is back! GG has UFC 246 live coverage for you.

It’s nearly time for the main card of UFC 246. We’ll back with live coverage.

On the prelims, Roxanne Modafferi upset Maycee Barber in impressive fashion. She easily won the first round. In the second, Maycee tweaked her knee. The doctor thought it was a partial ACL tear. Roxanne won all three rounds.

Diego Ferreira Vs Anthony Pettis

Ferreira is coming in with his lead leg up, sort like he’s looking to check a leg kick before it comes. Pettis came out southpaw and was able to land his lead right hand, but he never threw it with any power. Ferreira took Pettis down easily twice from body cliches.

Ferreira took Pettis down again, by grabbing his right leg and immediately went for the choke. It didn’t take long for Pettis to tap.

Winner: Diego Ferreira by way of 2nd round submission

Ode’ Osbourne Vs Brian Kelleher

Osbourne walked on all fours to get to the center of the ring and right as Kelleher got close, Osbourne jumped up and threw a Superman punch that landed. That was cool. Kelleher got an immediate takedown and locked in a guillotine. Osbourne had to tap with his foot.

Winner: Brian Kelleher by way of 1st round submission

Maurice Greene Vs Aleksei Oleinik

Greene landed a nice kick that dropped Oleinik early, but he smartly didn’t follow him to the ground. But then, he threw a wild high kick that missed by a mile and Oleinik got behind him and pulled him to the ground. Greene escaped, but was caught again and Oleinik put him in an ezekiel choke which turned into a side headlock. Greene lasted the round.

Both of these guys are so tired. Greene was throwing these slow kicks that were landing. Oleinik was throwing these slow, loopy over-hand rights. Greene got tired and then was taken to the ground again. Oleinik was so tired that he had a shot at the ezekiel choke again but didn’t go for it. He then went to an arm bar and Greene fought and fought and fought and had to tap.

Winner: Aleksei Oleinik by way of 2nd round submission

Raquel Pennington Vs Holly Holm

Not much of a round. Holm tried to keep her distance and she was moving great. Pennington was able to get inside and they clinched. The rest of the round was Holm using her strength as leverage to keep Pennington up against the cage.

Round two was very similar. Holly kept her distance and was in her comfort zone. Pennington came inside again and they clinched. Holm’s strength is too much for Pennington when they’re cliched up against the cage. Holm is up 2-0.

Rocky had a better round, but didn’t do nearly enough. She fought the round like she just needed to win one, rather than to knock Holm out. At the very least, she caught her a few times in the round. Holm should win the decision.

Winner: Holly Holm by way of unanimous decision

Holm won 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

Donald Cerrone Vs Conor McGregor

McGregor threw a huge left hand right out of the gate, but it missed. They cliched right in the middle of the cage and McGregor used his shoulder in the clinch to hit him in the nose three times. They separated and McGregor caught him with a big kick and then stopped him with punches on the ground.

Winner: Conor McGregor by way of 1st round TKO

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