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The Big Payback – UFC 246

big payback
Any UFC 246 betting experts out there? Ryan Frederick and Paul Fontaine are giving their betting picks for each main UFC card this year.

Ryan Frederick and I are both staff writers at wrestlingobserver.com. Between the two of us, we handle all of the live UFC coverage on the site, with Ryan doing the majority. I also chip in with coverage of Bellator and some other noteworthy events that occur from time-to-time.

For each big UFC event in 2020, Ryan and I will make picks using odds at bestfightodds.com. With a starting bankroll of $1,000 each, our ground rules are that we will make at least 3 bets on each show. No more than 10% of our bankroll can be wagered on any fight and at least one pick must be an underdog.

For betting novices out there, fight odds are based on a $100 bet. So, if the odds are negative, you must bet that amount to win $100. If the odds are positive, a $100 bet will win you that much.

For Saturday’s UFC 246, here are our picks:


– Aleksa Camur $80 at -115 to beat Justin Ledet
– Andre Fili $40 at +125 to beat Sodiq Yusuff
– Brian Kelleher $30 at +125 to beat Ode Osbourne
– Raquel Pennington $25 at +110 to beat Holly Holm


Conor McGregor $65 at -335 to beat Donald Cerrone
Sodiq Yusuff $75 at -150 to beat Andre Fili
Tim Elliott $50 at +125 to beat Askar Askarov

Bankroll totals will be updated before the next event that we do picks for, which will be UFC 247 on February 8th.

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