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Predictions – Andy Ruiz Jr. Vs Anthony Joshua II

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua II

Photo via the Washington Post

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua II
Photo via the Washington Post
GG gets a panel of boxing guys to give their predictions for Andy Ruiz Jr. Vs Anthony Joshua II.

It’s nearly fight time.

On June 1, 2019, Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the boxing world by knocking out Anthony Joshua in the 7th round to win all four of Joshua’s heavyweight titles. They are running it back just over six months later and unlike the first fight, which was in the US at the famed Madison Square Garden, this fight is taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and for a very large sum of money.

The weigh-ins happened earlier this morning, and like a lot of folks expected to happen, Ruiz came in much heavier than their first fight. And surprisingly, Joshua came in much lighter.

I asked some of our boxing experts in our Fight Game Podcast Facebook Group for their predictions on the fight. (By the way, you can definitely join the group. It’s one of the best things going on Facebook today, woooo!)

Also, I had Carlos Toro from Fightful.com on the latest episode of the Fight Game Podcast to give his prediction for the fight. You can skip to 52:48 to hear our predictions.

Here are the rest of the predictions:

Prediction: Joshua by TKO

I get it. We all love an underdog. Andy Ruiz took a championship fight on short notice and cashed in. But that magical story ends on Saturday. Joshua will not take Ruiz lightly this time. He knows his power and he won’t fall into the trap that he did in the third round, where after knocking Ruiz down, he recklessly tried to end the fight, and ignored his defensive fundamentals. Joshua is the real star of the heavyweight division and there is too much riding on his future fight with Wilder for him not to come in laser focused and prepared to right the wrong. Joshua in five.

Prediction: Joshua by decision

This fight, everything is on the line for Anthony Joshua. For one, his multi-million dollar deal with DAZN. And most important of all, his legacy.

Another loss to Andy Ruiz will shatter Joshua’s career. This fight is the epitome of a must-win situation for Joshua. That’s why I believe Joshua will box safely from a distance, utilize his superior height and reach and win a boring but clear cut decision, similar to Lennox Lewis’s decision win over David Tua 19 years ago. That is the perfect blueprint that Joshua I believe will follow to continue his quest to be the Undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Prediction: Joshua by TKO

I think Ruiz might be coming in a little over confident, and with Joshua’s conditioning, he might have the advantage in the desert heat. I’m going TKO win for Joshua in the 8th.

Prediction: Joshua by decision or late stoppage

I think we’ll likely see a much more risk-free Anthony Joshua on Saturday for two reasons. Firstly, not afforded the luxury of a tune-up, he’s going to be rebuilding in a heavyweight title fight. And second, I don’t think he’s going to feel as pressured to put on a show as he did in his US debut back in June. I expect an attentive Joshua, one focused on minimizing mistakes, to get back on his boxing and box his way to a win – either by decision or a stoppage in the later half of the fight as Ruiz wears down.

Prediction: Joshua by decision

I would love to say that Ruiz will repeat, but with Joshua being one of thee most skilled boxers on the planet he’s bound to learn from the last fight. And if that fails, they are fighting in Saudi Arabia after all. If it goes to decision, it’s almost a certainty that Joshua would get the nod.

Matt Prentice
Prediction: Ruiz

Anthony Joshua’s strategy in this one won’t be a surprise to anyone, with the former unified champion looking to use his size and keep the the action at a distance. Ruiz is no stranger when it comes to cutting off the ring and getting inside on bigger men though. I see Joshua blowing up after several rounds, allowing the defending champion to really start doing damage. A slow start that ends with some dramatic rounds and the Premier Boxing Champions stable holding all the heavyweight titles going into 2020.

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