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Video – NXT Vs AEW: The Wednesday Night War

Wednesday Night War

Beginning in two weeks, the Wednesday Night War will be upon us. GG and John talk about the situation.

On Friday, August 16, I hosted Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer. Dave was ready to go with the story that NXT wasn’t headed for FS1. In fact, it was headed to WWE’s longest television partner; the USA Network.

While WWE didn’t announce the news on Monday Night Raw, they tweeted it the next day.

There are a ton of unanswered questions, but we do know this:
– NXT will air on the USA Network beginning on September 18, two weeks ahead of AEW’s Wednesday night show.
– NXT will air on a 24 hour delay on the WWE Network, it’s former home.
– NXT won’t tour, at least through the rest of 2019.

Does the two week head start give WWE a leg up, or will it hurt them once AEW debuts? Will Vince McMahon become involved with the show, or will this still be mainly a Triple H production?

Take a listen to the segment from the most recent episode of the Fight Game Podcast in the YouTube video above. Or, you can listen to the entire episode.

Keep listening to the Fight Game Podcast as John and GG cover the new wars on Wednesday night.

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