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Top Rank Boxing – Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Luke Campbell

Check out our play by play of Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Luke Campbell from the O2 Arena in London.

Even with all the great pro wrestling action going on today (and we’ll also have live coverage of AEW’s All Out PPV tonight), this might be the event that I’m most looking forward to. You have the best pound for pound fighter in the game against a top notch contender with multiple belts on the line. Doesn’t get much better than that.

We’ll be back once the two men enter the ring.

Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Luke Campbell

Round 1

The first went as you’d expect. Campbell was trying to gauge the distance with his jab and on the other side, Lomachenko was trying to figure out how far out he’d have to be. Lots of feinting by Lomachenko. I’m not actually sure how you could score the round for other guy. Campbell landed a nice left hand late which probably gives him the first.

Round 2

Lomachenko was able to get inside and land a couple jabs. Much more of the kind of Lomachenko round you’d expect, but Campbell landed a few of his own. Still a close round, but Lomachenko landed a hard shot near the end that I think gives him the round.

Round 3

This was an excellent round in which both guys landed punches. Lomachenko snapped Campbell’s head back with a shot and then Campbell landed a nice uppercut. I’ll give Lomachenko the round for two other nice shots he landed that made Campbell look uncomfortable.

Round 4

Good work from both guys. Lomachenko is finding his rhythm. His footwork is excellent. He’s cutting off Campbell and using his angles. Campbell was able to land from distance, but everything on the inside was Lomachenko. He landed a nice body shot and just missed with a right hook.

Round 5

If Lomachenko had another 10 seconds, he may have stopped Campbell. Campbell is fighting such a smart fight, but his length is working against him in that once Lomachenko is inside, Campbell isn’t quick enough to pivot away and defend well. Not too many people can, I guess. But this was all Lomachenko.

Round 6

I fully expected Lomachenko to continue the pressure, but Campbell fought an excellent round. It was more a round of survival, but it was one of his stronger ones. I’d give it slightly to Campbell but it’s short.

Round 7

First half of the round was nothing special. Then Campbell hurt Lomachenko, but Lomachenko came right back and hurt Campbell. Lomachenko started to punish Campbell late in the round to steal a round that I thought he was going to lose. Great round. I have Lomachenko up 5-2.

Round 8

That was another really good action round. Right when Campbell lands and then tries to get distance, Lomachenko is right back on him. Both fighters landed shots, but Lomachenko’s pressure was too much. Campbell is fighting his ass off, but it might be for naught.

Round 9

Lomachenko pretty much took the round off. He didn’t do much punching, but could’ve been by design since he was so active in the prior rounds. Might give that one to Campbell. Right now, I have the fight 6-3 for Loma.

Round 10

That was a rough round to score. Lomachenko has seemingly taken the last two rounds off. Not sure if he’s tired or if he thinks he’s ahead by a lot. I think I’d give Campbell that round too.

Round 11

Lomachenko put the pressure on again. Maybe he was just resting those last two rounds. He started to go at Campbell’s body again and put him down to a knee with a body shot. Campbell is dancing around, forcing Lomachenko to come to him. Lomachenko didn’t bite. I have Lomachenko up 7-4 with an extra point for the knockdown.

Round 12

Lomachenko closed it. He had Campbell on the ropes and nearly going down again. Campbell held on and grabbed Lomachenko low to survive. Lomachenko went down as if Campbell took him down. I think it was a bit of a flop. They closed out a really good fight strong. I have Lomachenko winning the final round.

Winner: Vasyl Lomachenko by unanimous decision

119-109, 119-109, and 118-109 were the scores. Those scores were way wider than they should’ve been.

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