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Top Rank Boxing – Sergey Kovalev Vs Anthony Yarde

Sergey Kovalev vs Anthony Yarde
It’s Saturday afternoon boxing! Check out our play by play of Sergey Kovalev vs Anthony Yarde.

Sergey Kovalev regained his WBO light heavyweight title from Eleider Álvarez in February. Recently, there was talk that Canelo Alvarez wanted a shot at the title, but Kovalev had a mandatory challenger in Anthony Yarde. Yarde wasn’t willing to take money to step away from his shot, so Canelo vs Kovalev will have to wait, until possibly November.

Yarde can play spoiler for the mega-fight. But it’s a big step up in competition for Yarde.

We’ll be back with full play by play come bell time.

Sergey Kovalev Vs Anthony Yarde

Round 1

Yarde looks tremendously athletic, but awfully unconventional. He’s trying to counter a short left to combat Kovalev’s jab. Yarde had a solid round, but I don’t think I can give it to him. Kovalev controlled the ring.

Round 2

Pretty even round. You can sense Yarde’s confidence growing throughout as Kovalev hasn’t really landed anything hard yet. But Kovalev is also being super strategic. He’s feeling out the younger, faster, and stronger fighter to make sure he doesn’t get caught. Still going with Kov.

Round 3

You could give Yarde this one. He caught Kovalev off-guard a few different times, making him look slow. Kovalev is still landing his jab, but he’s eating a short left as the counter. Still have Kov up 2-1.

Round 4

Much better Kovalev round. If he continues at this pace, we could see this being the way the fight goes for the rest of it. Kovalev was busy and pushing Yarde backward.

Round 5

Yarde started out well and he fought decently throughout. He’s hitting Kovalev with one shot at a time, but I can’t tell if there’s any steam on it. Kovalev got his footing midway and did enough to win the round.

Round 6

Yarde lost his mouthpiece early on. He looked frustrated and was moving forward, but Kovalev was touching him. Fight slowed down in the second half of it, but Yarde still has no answer for Kovalev’s jab.

Round 7

That was a good round for Yarde. He adjusted to the jab by going to the body and it immediately stopped Kovalev’s momentum. We’ll see how Kovalev adjusts to that. I have Kovalev up 5-2.

Round 8

Wow! Yarde started opening up and pushing Kovalev back. They were clean too. Yarde’s athleticism is dynamic. Buddy McGirt told Kovalev in the corner that if he keeps getting hit flush, he’s stopping the fight. It’s now 5-3.

Round 9

Yarde is flat-out tired. Kovalev got his bearings back, partially due to Yarde being exhausted. Yarde didn’t take the round off, but it was clear that his activity was down. Let’s see if he can put the pedal to the medal in the last three rounds.

Round 10

I’m surprised Yarde was able to stay upright the entire round. He was so tired and Kovalev was landing flush combinations. I can’t imagine things get much better for him.

Round 11

Yarde slipped early on and went to the canvas. That didn’t bode well for what was coming next. Kovalev threw a left jab as Yarde lunged into him and knocked him out.

Winner: Sergey Kovalev by way of 11th round KO

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