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DAZN Boxing – Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr. Live Coverage

Check out our Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr. live coverage.

Katie Taylor and Callum Smith won their fights earlier and it’s now main event time.

Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr.

Round 1

I guess I’d give Joshua the round simply because he controlled it with the jab. Ruiz did a great job of staying in there and throwing the counter punch. He looks game.

Round 2

Ruiz started out nicely to open the round but it was Joshua’s the rest of the way. He landed the best two punches with a straight right hand and then a left hook. He looks to be opening up a bit more.

Round 3

Joshua started the round looking very casual and confident. He dropped Ruiz with a left hook and it looked like he was going to finish him. He got comfortable and then careless as Ruiz threw a hook out of self defense and rocked Joshua. He put him down again late. Joshua is loopy and super careless defensively.

Round 4

Joshua didn’t look steady to start, but Ruiz didn’t press the action. He seemed to be wanting to counter Joshua, but because Joshua was careful, not a ton happened. May have been a mistake from Ruiz as Joshua wasn’t steady to end the third or to start the fourth.

Round 5

Joshua was tentative but then found an opening and landed a shot and then threw another wide shot that he wanted to end the fight with and missed it. He’s covering up quickly when they get close. Ruiz seems like he thinks he just needs to land one big one and is looking for it.

Round 6

Great round for Ruiz. It’s almost like he’s taken some life and confidence out of Joshua. Joshua’s body language was awful in the round as if he couldn’t wait for the round to end. Ruiz played it safely, but again, he might’ve been able to go for it a little more. He’s landing for sure.

Round 7

Joshua landed a huge shot and tried to follow up, but all it did was give Ruiz the chance to rip off multiple shots on the inside and Joshua went down again. Joshua tried to pretend he wasn’t hurt and he winked at Ruiz. But he was hurt. Ruiz faked like he was getting hurt so Joshua would come forward again and Ruiz blasted him again and Joshua took a knee. He went back to his corner and the referee didn’t like his response and he stopped the fight.

Winner: Andy Ruiz Jr.

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