DAZN Boxing – Canelo Alvarez Vs Daniel Jacobs Live Coverage

Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs

Check out our Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs live coverage.

After a long wait, they are finally in the ring.

Canelo Alvarez Vs Danny Jacbos

Round One

Slow start to this one. Jacobs threw a jab and a low body shot. Canelo came back with a power body shot. Canelo threw a jab to the head and a body shot that landed. Jacobs might’ve been more active, but Canelo landed the only real shot of the round.

Round Two

Business picked up during the second. Both guys started throwing harder punches. Canelo is machine-like in his ability to continue moving forward and working his game plan. Jacobs got a nice combination in that scored, but Canelo’s round too.

Round Three

This was a solid round for Jacobs. He changed things up for Canelo a bit, but Canelo is still pressing the action and landing the bigger shots. But in no way is Canelo winning these rounds clearly. All are close.

Round Four

Canelo’s defense stood out in round four. Really an out-classing in the round. Canelo looks like he’s dictating everything that is happening in there. Jacobs needs to start throwing some bigger shots to change the pace of the fight.

Round Five

Canelo is racking up the points and Jacobs isn’t doing anything to change the trajectory of what’s happening. He looks very smooth in there. Jacobs is putting the jab out there, but not doing much off it or throwing it with any intention.

Round Six

When Jacobs goes southpaw, he does give Canelo a bit of trouble and I think he may have gotten that round because of it. These rounds are hard to score, but I think Canelo is getting most of them convincingly enough. I have Canelo up 5-1.

Round Seven

Good round by Jacobs. When he fights left-handed he’ll throw his power shot off his jab. When he turns conventional, he rarely throws his power shot, as if he wants to use it as a counter, but Canelo’s not letting him get it off. Canelo’s round.

Round Eight

Jacobs ended the eighth well, but Canelo landed the best shots. They got inside and it looked like they were going to throw. Canelo was willing to eat a few shots to throw a few, but Jacobs didn’t open up enough. He’s also not using his length to his advantage.

Round Nine

Jacobs went left-handed again and whenever he does, it seems to throw Canelo off a bit. I think Jacobs snuck this one out. Canelo may be getting a little tired too. Jacobs needs to press him more.

Round Ten

Jacobs had another strong round. Canelo seemed to be okay with him throwing and landing punches, as if it didn’t hurt him, but they were scoring shots. I have Canelo up 7-3.

Round Eleven

Jacobs went back southpaw but didn’t throw a lot of punches to start. He did pick it up, closing it well. He may have taken the round too, even though I think Canelo landed the best shots. Canelo 7-4.

Round Twelve

Jacobs lunged throwing a left hook and missed so badly that he slipped. Jacobs won another round more than likely just by being more active, but he gave away too many early rounds. He closed well. I have Canelo winning 7-5.

Winner: Canelo Alvarez by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 116-112, 115-113, and 115-113.

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