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Showtime Boxing – Wilder Vs Fury Live Coverage

wilder vs fury live coverage
Check out our Wilder vs Fury live coverage.

It’s the biggest heavyweight boxing match in about 15 years. It could set up an even bigger fight.

We’ll be back with the live play-by-play of Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury. If you’d like to read our preview, our guys had it 4-1 for Wilder.

Wilder Vs Fury

Wilder came out with Jay Roc. Sounds like Fury is the crowd favorite, just based on crowd reaction to their entrances.

If you want to know what Wilder looked like during his entrance…


As you’d expect, it was a total feeling out process. Fury is coming out jabbing and he put his hands behind his back a couple of times to try and mess with Wilder. Wilder didn’t really let his hands go, though he did land a nice left hand out of a clinch. Wilder threw a wild right hand and got caught. Fury landed a few shots near the end of the round and Wilder either got hit good or was just off-balanced. I didn’t see a replay.


Fury must’ve studied his Leonard vs Hagler tape. He’s definitely trying to mess with Wilder. He raised his hands a few times, like he was Daniel-san throwing a crane kick. This was more of Wilder’s round. Fury did a lot of entertaining and not a lot of landing.


I think you can give Fury the third, and if so, I’d have Fury up 2-1. This is what you expected, which is that Fury would try to frustrate Wilder with his style, but not do much damage except to maybe his psyche.


Wilder took the fourth. He wasn’t landing the big shot of his combination, but was catching Fury as he stepped away. He banged Fury with a jab that bloodied Fury’s nose. Fury did very little in the round.


I wonder how many punches were actually landed in the fifth? Not many were thrown. I think I’d give it to Fury slightly because he probably landed the best punch of the round, which isn’t saying a ton.


This was another close one. Fury switched it up on Wilder and went southpaw and actually threw the most consecutive shots of his fight fight so far. Wilder looks confused, but I’m not sure he has the ability to figure Fury’s style out.


Fury is starting to throw his right hand and landing. Wilder still hasn’t figured it out. He’s unable to land anything of not really.

This tweet explains it all.


Wilder’s face looks like it’s swelling a bit. Fury is making Wilder look like a one trick pony. He’s still trying to load up on the big right and as he tries to measure it, Fury throws two jabs that are really there just to hide his right hand and then he popped Wilder with it twice. Wilder landed a shot at the end, but it was too late to steal the round.


Wilder got the round he needed. Fury was goofing around and Wilder hit him with a short left and then a right hand right on the ear, and close to the back of the head. Fury got up and weathered the storm. Wilder was trying to finish. Fury caught him with a nice left hand. But Wilder is back in the fight.


Fury came right back with one of his best rounds of the fight. He took advantage of Wilder trying measure the long right hand and he peppered him with combinations. Wilder was back on his heels waiting.


Wilder finally landed a nice punch, but when following up, Fury made him miss the next three shots. It’s as if he know Wilder’s punch pattern better than Wilder. But I think Wilder landed enough to take the round. Going into the 12th round, I have Fury up by a couple points.


This is ridiculous. Wilder put him right on his back and Fury got up right at nine. Wilder tried to close, but he was swinging wildly. He got tired and then Fury was pushing him back. The fight ended with Fury raising his hands. We’ll see the cards.

I have it 113-113.

Decision: Split draw

The scores were 115-111 for Wilder, 114-112 for Fury, and 113-113. It’s a draw.

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