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UFC 232 Live Coverage – Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

Jones vs Gustafsson 2

Check out our UFC 232 live coverage for Jones vs Gustafsson 2.

It’s the last show of the year. And of course, when Jon Jones fights, there’s usually something else going on.

Let’s get to the fights.

Alexander Volkanovski Vs Chad Mendes

This was a good start. Volkanovski was controlling the octagon on the feet. Mendes didn’t look too comfortable fighting as a counter puncher. Mendes did get a takedown, but Volkanovski popped up. Mendes caught him with an uppercut on his way up. Otherwise, I think the round is for Volkanovski because he was better on the feet.

Mendes started the round so well. He had Volkanovski in trouble, but Volkanovski sort of reacted like the big shot was an eye poke, but he didn’t argue. He just sort of smiled as if to tell Mendes that it was a good shot. Mendes got tired, but also, by pushing forward to try and close the fight, he left himself open and Volkanovski landed a hard right hand that stopped Mendes moving forward. Mendes got a takedown, but Volkanovski was up. Later, Mendes got another takedown and it was in the center. Mendes went for the rear naked choke and it looked like he had a good chance of getting it, but Volkanovski got up and then started to lay into him with big shots. A right hand put Mendes down and he turtled. Then it was stopped.

Winner: Alexander Volkanovski by way of 2nd round TKO

Corey Anderson Vs Ilir Latifi

Latifi won the first round with strikes. He was swinging hard, but he may have gotten tired halfway through. Anderson looks calm, but doesn’t look all that comfortable on the feet. He also didn’t attempt any takedowns.

Anderson probably won the second round, but it was close. He used his length to land, but also left himself open for some big shots. If Latifi had long arms, he’d have won the fight already. Anderson is pretty methodical, but is smartly boxing here.

This will be an interesting judges’ decision. I think Anderson did enough to win the third round, just using his long arms and keeping Latifi away. He also did his best in the second half in the round. Let’s go to the judges.

Winner: Corey Anderson by way of unanimous decision

All three cards had it 29-28 for Anderson.

Michael Chiesa Vs Carlos Condit

That was a first good round, but I think Chiesa had too much respect for Condit. Condit had him on the ground and was going for a heel hook, but Chiesa never panicked. He hung in there and countered it, but it was probably Condit’s round.

In the second round, Chiesa put on a super kimura and stretched Condit’s shoulder all the way behind his head. Condit had to tap.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by way of 2nd round submission

Amanda Nunes Vs Cris Cyborg

Amanda Nunes is the conqueror of worlds. She lit up Cris Cyborg like a Christmas tree. Cyborg got the first big shot in and it woke up Nunes. Nunes landed the next big shots and Cyborg went out. It was an amazing knockout and a moment that’s going to be replayed forever.

Winner: Amanda Nunes by way of 1st round TKO

Alexander Gustafsson Vs Jon Jones

Solid round for Jones. He started the fight with a knee right to balls. What a heel. He did a great job in being patient and picking his spots. Gustafsson had some opportunities, but played into Jones’ game for the most part.

Gustafsson started off quick and was aggressive. Then he poked Jones in the eye which stalled out the round. Jones had some time to get his vision back and then the rest of the round was all Jones. He’s landing leg kicks, short elbows, uppercuts, and everything in between. I have Jones up 2-0.

That was quick. Jones got a powerful takedown and finished Gustafsson on the ground. He half-nelsoned him and then started throwing huge lefts to the side of the head.

Winner: Jon Jones by way of 3rd round TKO

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