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The Fight Game Podcast – TLC Live Review, ROH Signings, And This Tuesday In Texas (Ep. 52)

This Tuesday in Texas

This Tuesday in Texas

On the latest Fight Game Pod, the fellas talk about seeing TLC live, some talent signings and call-ups, and review This Tuesday In Texas.

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The fellas start the show talking about their live experience at WWE TLC in San Jose last weekend. They talk about who is over, who looked good, who looked not-so-good, and the rest. Then they talk about the talent roster call-ups.

They stay on the talent roster stuff, but this time talking about ROH, who lost the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Adam Page and had to fill those holes.

They then talk about a memorable December show from their youth – This Tuesday In Texas. They go over the entire Jake Roberts/Randy Savage angle. They talk about the Hulk Hogan and Undertaker match, which didn’t look easy. And also review the rest of the show.

“What’s John Watching?” is next and they talk about their kids and the holidays.

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