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ROH Final Battle Live Coverage – Jay Lethal Vs Cody Rhodes

final battle live coverage

final battle live coverage

Check out our ROH Final Battle live coverage featuring Jay Lethal vs Cody Rhodes in the main event.

It’s the final ROH show of the year and more than likely, the final ROH show (at least for now) for a few of their top talents.

It sounds like the Young Bucks will be rocking out with Rockers gear.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the show.

Kenny King Vs Eli Isom

The announcers were trying to compare this match to a trap game in a real sporting event where a team looks ahead to a bigger game the following week and is upset. The story was that King was overconfident and pulling Isom up when he could clearly pin him. Isom had a couple of hope pin attempts, but King put him away as he caught him on his shoulders and hit the Darkness Falls.

Winner: Kenny King

Hangman Page Vs Jeff Cobb

Hangman said that Cobb hasn’t faced someone who is as strong as him and who hits harder than him.

Hangman did his shooting star to the floor and Cobb caught him and gave him an overhead belly to belly. They were both on the top and Cobb was trying to deadlift German suplex him from the very top rope. Page blocked it and knocked him down. But Cobb went back to the second rope and did a delayed suplex from the second rope and held Page there for at least 10 seconds. Cobb then missed a standing shooting star. Page now has the upper hand.

Cobb did a cross body and Page caught him and then deadlifted him up into a fallaway slam. He then dove out on Cobb and hit two standing shooting star presses when they were back in the ring.

This is a great match for being second on the card. Cobb went for the Tour of Islands and Page turned it into a crucifix for the closest thing to a three count you’ll see. Page went for his second Buckshot Clothesline as he had hit one prior, but Cobb caught him and turned it into the tour. He then did the cut throat sign on Page and shot him into the ropes again and gave him another for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Karen Q Vs Madison Rayne Vs Kelly Klein Vs Sumie Sakai

This is an elimination match.

Klein got the first fall on Karen Q with a TKO-type of driver. Q did a nice back-handspring elbow early on.

Rayne got some nearfalls on Sakai, but Sakia hit a Roll of the Dice on Rayne and then Klein stole the pin. It’s Klein vs Sakai for the final fall.

Klein won the title with a super K Power off the top rope.

Winner: Kelly Klein

Jonathan Gresham Vs Zack Sabre Jr.

This was good. It was similar in heat to when Sabre went into the A-Kid’s promotion and played heel. Except here, he was clearly seen as the bigger star and thus, while people didn’t out and out cheer him, they definitely saw him as the big deal.

Lots of fun technical style and Gresham was trying to go toe-to-toe with ZSJ in his own style. And for a lot of the match, he was there. But at the end, ZSJ blocked Gresham’s back bridge pin that ZSJ does and then he did it for the pin.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

There was lots of face slapping in this match too. You couldn’t pay me to take those slaps.

Dalton Castle Vs Matt Taven

Taven did a dive over the top rope and Castle moved. Taven nearly impaled himself on the guard rail. It looked awful. But it wasn’t even the beginning of the end of the match. It kind of kick-started it. Taven threw Castle, who has a bad back, into the steps outside the ring.

Castle did a Bang-a-rang on Taven and to break up the pin, TK O’Ryan threw one of the boys into the ring and onto Castle. That was pretty cool. Probably not that cool for the Boy. O’Ryan got kicked out of the match, which one would think would lead to the babyface winning, but that was not the case. The heel still won as Taven hit kicked out of the Bang-a-rang again and then hit the Climax for the win.

Psychology was a bit weird in this match, but it was okay.

Winner: Matt Taven

Christopher Daniels Vs Marty Scurll

At 48 years old, Daniels did his sweet moonsault to the outside. This was super fast-paced and was constantly moving. But I think the crowd was a bit burnt out from the previous match and they never really hit a peak. The story was that Daniels had to win or else he’d leave. If he won, he’d get a title shot.

After a ton of back and forth where the crowd wasn’t really buying anything, Scurll sunk in the chicken wing and Daniels tapped out. Sort of an anticlimactic finish. Does this mean he’s going to AEW?

Winner: Marty Scurll

Daniels went to the top rope as the fans were thanking him and then Bully Ray came in to give him a nutshot. That kickstarted the next match.

Bully Ray Vs Flip Gordon

This is an I Quit match. And what a match it was.

It was the epitome of a garbage match. Flip Gordon’s very young looking girlfriend was ringside and was pointed out early. Angle alert!

The table was set up outside the ring and Bully backdropped Flip over the table. Flip also bladed and was bleeding like crazy. Bully grabbed Flip’s girlfriend and put her head between his legs as if he was going to powerbomb her through the table. She had to stand in that position for like 30 seconds. Cary Silkin hit Bully Ray with a very weak kendo stick shot and Bully slowly walked toward him. Flip’s girlfriend then gave Bully a very weak nutshot, which Bully sold better than Matt Taven when he nearly killed himself earlier.

Flip started doing his thing back in the ring. They set up another table. Then Silas Young interfered. Cheeseburger tried to save Flip, but he got beat up. Bully and Silas started to spray lighter fluid on the table. The lights went out. Nope, the Undertaker didn’t save Flip. Nor was it PCO or Brody King. Instead, it was the Sandman who looked older than Cary Silkin. Sandman hit Young with the kendo stick. Bully chased him and then Flip brought the American Flag into the ring, which was connected to a kendo stick. He choked Bully out with the stick and then hit him with it a bunch of times before Bully quit.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Cody Rhodes Vs Jay Lethal

Cody came out and the crowd cheered for him. He turned on them to get the books.

He faked a knee injury early on. This match was all about trying to make the crowd think Cody was going to win the title, even though most of that crowd knew he was on his way out. Lethal kicked out of a few Cross Rhodes at two. Cody hit the Gory Bomb Special for another two count.

Lethal did a bunch of super kicks to Cody while he was on his knees and then looked to have sympathy for him, but then just flipped him off. He hit the Lethal Injection but didn’t pin him. He hit him with more super kicks and then went for the Lethal Injection again, but Cody blocked it this time. Instead, Lethal put him in the Figure Four and he tapped out.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Brandi hit a spear and then took a Lethal Injection during the match too.

The Briscoes Vs The Young Bucks Vs SoCal Uncensored

This match was pretty insane. There have been some great ladder matches and this one is up there. These guys filled up their bump cards something fierce.

There was a ton of going through tables and being dumped onto ladders and being hit by chairs in the head as well as dives and big moves. But the timing of this stuff was excellent. If you’re not a fan of the high spot wrestling stuff, then this match isn’t for you, though, with three teams and it being a ladder match, I’m not sure what else you will get.

There was a fight feel to it, if you can have a fight feel in a match where there’s constant movement and high flying.

Everyone looked great. Early on, the announcers mentioned that SoCal and the Bucks were more high spot wrestlers and that the Briscoes were going to bring the fight. That was a bit of foreshadowing as in the end, it was the team that had the most fight that won.

The Bucks did the two sweet sign, which I think was there to make us think they’re going to WWE. Matt also brought out a sledgehammer, but didn’t use it. Kazarian was hit in the head early and started bleeding. One of the Briscoes was also bleeding profusely. Matt was on top of the ladder and was chucked off to the outside and through a table that the cameraman missed. Matt also got backdropped outside the ring and through a table. Kazarian did a Styles Clash on the Jay and onto a chair.

At the end of the match, Kazarian was climbing the ladder and Mark chucked a chair at him which hit him in the head and he fell backward and through the table. Jay then grabbed the belts.

Winner: The Briscoes

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