UFC 230: Cormier Vs Lewis Live Coverage

Cormier vs Lewis

We’ve got live UFC 230 coverage featuring Cormier vs Lewis in the main event.

I wonder if Brock Lesnar is here tonight?

Israel Adesanya Vs Derek Brunson

Brunson got warned for grabbing Adesanya’s shorts and when Herb Dean separated them, Adesanya flipped him off. Adesanya had good takedown defense. Adesanya caught Brunson with a knee as he was coming in and wobbled him, then dropped him with a high kick and right hand. He was throwing one punch shots and then trying to throw knees. But then dropped him with only a few seconds left on the clock. Brunson was on wobbly legs for the last 30 seconds of the round. It was stopped probably more so because of how Brunson was taking those shots than him actually being hurt.

Winner: Israel Adesanya by 1st round TKO

Jack Marshman Vs Karl Roberson

It was a pretty competitive round, but Roberson is landing the better punches. He’s also a better athlete inside the cage. Marshman was competitive though and kept coming.

Marshman is game, but he’s taking some big shots. Roberson throws a great lead left hand that Marshman hasn’t seen coming yet. Late in the round, Roberson shot in on a takedown and Marshman didn’t get up before the round ended.

Roberson’s left leg looks to be hurt. He went to throw a kick and thought better of it. He still landed a great left hand. Then he scored a takedown late to secure his victory.

Winner: Karl Roberson by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 30-26, 30-26, and 30-27. Roberson said it was his right leg that was actually hurt and he hurt it wrestling.

Jared Cannonier Vs David Branch

Cannonier looks like an entirely different human being fighting at middleweight. Branch didn’t waste any time in taking him down. Branch got tired as his next takedown attempt was slow and then Cannonier started to land punches and stalk him down a bit.

Cannonier looks really confident right now. Branch went for a takedown, didn’t get it and the snuck a right hand in there. Right as he landed it, Cannonier dropped him with a right of his own. He followed Branch to the ground and the ref stopped the fight.

Winner: Jared Cannonier by way of 2nd round TKO

Jacare Souza Vs Chris Weidman

Neither guy wanted to go do anything other than box. Weidman was the better boxer, but looked to be worried about Jacare’s power. Jacare’s best shot was a hard leg kick. Weidman rocked him once, but didn’t attack him. He won the round with better boxing.

There was some ground action here as Weidman went for the takedown after Jacare stumbled. He eventually got it, but Jacare quickly rolled into a submission attempt and they both were back up on their feet. Before that, Jacare was winning the round with bigger shots. Weidman was landing shots as well, but Jacare was landing the bigger shots. Jacare may have a broken nose as his mouth is wide open.

Weidman looked good, but Jacare was waiting for the opportunity to throw his big right hand. Weidman was out-boxing him, but then Jacare landed a huge right hand that had Weidman out. Weidman tried to grab Jacare’s leg and then the referee finally stopped it.

Winner: Jacare Souza

Derrick Lewis Vs Daniel Cormier

Lewis landed two kicks, including a head kick. Cormier landed a kick himself. Then Cormier shot in for a takedown and got it. Lewis gave up his back to get up and was able to get up, but he went down quickly again with a little leg trip. DC was all over him, but Lewis was never in jeopardy of being stopped.

Lewis threw a few overhand bombs, but didn’t land one cleanly. But every time he threw the right hand, Cormier reacted. But all it did was make him want to end the fight sooner. He took him down twice and then sunk in a rear naked choke for the finish.

Winner: Daniel Cormier by way of 2nd round submission

He told Brock Lesnar to bring his WWE belt when they fight in case he wants to be the WWE champ too.

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