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Golden Boy MMA – Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz 3

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3

Yes, we’re covering Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 for Golden Boy Promotions’ foray into MMA. Follow along with us.

Oscar De La Hoya’s foray in MMA features Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 in a fight where Chuck is 48 years of age and Tito is the baby of the fight at a young 43.

In the semi-main event, Filthy Tom Lawlor faces Deron Winn. Check out Filthy’s weigh-in video from MMA Fighting.

We’ll be back at the start of the show.

The broadcast team is Todd Grisham, Rashad Evans, and Frank Mir.

Oscar Cota Vs Jay Silva

It was a very boring first round. Rashad and Frank are trying to give the audience reasons why the action isn’t all that interesting, as if it was good strategy, but really, the guys just don’t want to mix it up. Cota had Silva up against the cage, but it was put back in the center. Silva missed a knee and got hit with a left hand that didn’t land solidly, but at least it landed.

Silva knocked Cota down early and it looked like he might put him away, but Cota got up and Silva was able to get him up against the cage. Cota kneed him low which Silva thought was on purpose and he glared at him. Cota walked him back to the cage and kneed him low again. The referee took a point for the low blow and I guess he took another point earlier in the round for grabbing on the inside of the gloves. That must’ve been the point where Cota got up because Silva was upset with something. That’s a 10-7 round.

Knowing he was losing, Cota came out swinging, but Silva was getting the better of it. They went to the ground and Cota sunk in a head and arm choke. There was some question about whether Cota tapped or not. Not a great start to Golden Boy MMA.

Winner: Jay Silva by 3rd round submission

Albert Morales Vs James Barnes

Barnes just strongman pulled him down to the mat. He had his arm tied up underneath him. Barnes was smart and patient. Morales tried for a triangle, which may have hurt his own ankle. Barnes pounded him late in the round.

Barnes got Morales down again. Morales went down like a stack of bricks. Barnes had him tied up in knots. He had control of his wrist and every time Morales thought he had a chance to get out, Barns would tie him up again, his leverage. There’s a nasty mouse underneath Morales’ eye.

Much of the same from Barnes. He finally worked him to a position where he was able to sink in an armbar. Morales fought it, but Barnes eventually extended the arm and Morales tapped.

Winner: James Barnes by 3rd round submission

Ricky Palacios Vs Walel Watson

Watson is five inches taller and has a seven inch reach advantage. But that didn’t matter at all. Palacios landed the overhand right a few times and Watson was on his horse. Palacios landed an overhand right, and left hook, and then when Watson was down and trying to get back up, he kicked him to the body and the fight was over.

Winner: Ricky Palacios by way of 1st round TKO

Efrain Escudero Vs Gleison Tibau

Tibau is jacked to the gills. He was getting the better of Escudero with some big shots. Escudero was waiting him out and Tibau eventually got tired. He’s so strong though, even as he’s tired.

Escudero came out swinging and even got the better of Tibau. He then got him down. It looked like Escudero was going to have his way with him, but Tibau didn’t get as tired as I think Escudero was hoping. Winner of the third round probably takes the fight.

Both of these guys are dead tired. They’re fighting in slow motion. Even the strikes look like sparring strikes rather than real strikes. Tibau got a takedown with about a minute left. Escudero was too tired to get up.

Winner: Gleison Tibau by way of unanimous decision

All the cards were 29-28.

Tom Lawlor Vs Deron Winn

Winn is quick and explosive. Lawlor was pretty apprehensive, seemingly because he didn’t want to be too open to be taken down. Winn’s explosive, but he’s showing his hand when he decides to throw his big right. Lawlor is bleeding under both eyes. It looks like short counters are there for Lawlor, but he’s not taking them.

Lawlor is looking to counter now or to throw a short right as Winn dives in with big strikes. But Winn is still hitting him and there’s a major power difference between the two. Lawlor’s face is a crimson mask. He clipped him low with two seconds left in the round. Winn is up 2-0.

Lawlor got poked in the eye. Winn decided to wrestle in the third. Lawlor got up once and should have the advantage in submissions. Winn’s mouthpiece was knocked out and he looked at the ground like the fight should’ve been stopped. Lawlor immediately jumped on him and went for a guillotine. Winn got out of it and ended up on top of Lawlor. He tried to end it late with ground and pound, but Lawlor kicked him off as the round ended.

Winner: Deron Winn by way of unanimous decision

The scores were all 30-27.

Tito Ortiz Vs Chuck Liddell

Chuck must’ve been hurt in his training camp as he can barely walk. He couldn’t move well and he could barely throw any punches. Tito wasn’t taking any chances, though, he slipped when throwing a punch and could’ve blown out his knee. Finally, he hit Chuck with a three-punch combo that put Chuck out and then followed up with two punches that didn’t need to happen. This was a farce.

Winner: Tito Ortiz by way of 1st round TKO

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