HBO Boxing – Canelo Alvarez Vs Gennady Golovkin 2 Live Coverage (Canelo Vs GGG 2)

Canelo vs GGG 2

We’ll have full play by play of Canelo vs GGG 2. Hang out with us.

We’re several hours away from the big rematch. But when both men get into the ring, we’ll have full play by play. In the mean time, you can read our predictions column and listen to our preview of the big fight below.

We’ll be back with live play by play of Canelo vs GGG 2.

On the undercard, Chocolatito got back in the win column, David Lemieux beat Spike O’Sullivan by first round knockout, and Jaime Munguia stopped Brandon Cook.

We’re just about ready for the main event.

Canelo Alvarez Vs Gennady Golovkin

Round 1

Jabbing session for the first minute of the round. Golovkin looks a little bit bigger. Golovkin out-boxed Canelo in the first, which is a bit of a surprise, though neither guy really let any power shots go.

Round 2

Canelo landed a solid uppercut that surprised Golovkin. That’s the best shot of the fight so far. He followed up with a right hand. Golovkin is pretty calm. He hasn’t really let anything go yet. There’s a small bruise near Golovkin’s right eye. We’re split after two rounds, though Canelo’s second round was more impressive than Golovkin’s if you’re into weighting rounds.

Round 3

Canelo landed an uppercut and a left hook to start the round. He looks very comfortable right now. Triple G finally let his right hand go. It was sort of blocked, but there was bad intentions behind it. This is a pretty close round. Probably lean toward Golovkin mostly because Canelo didn’t do much after the beginning of the round.

Round 4

Golovkin turned Canelo’s head with an uppercut. It’s clear that Golovkin’s strategy is to keep jabbing. That left hand is constantly in Canelo’s face. They had a nice mix up near the end of the round. Still Golovkin’s round.

Round 5

Canelo has a cut on his cheek. Canelo landed a good right hand. I think Canelo snuck this one out. He was the aggressor and and landed a great right hand. But he also has a cut on his eye now. Golovkin might be tiring.

Round 6

This was a really good round. Both guys were throwing and landing more shots. I’ll lean Canelo here because he landed more punches, but both guys had good rounds. I have the fight at three rounds apiece.

Round 7

It was a close round until the last 10-15 seconds. Golovkin some big shots to steal the round. While I have Golovkin winning, Abel Sanchez thinks Golovkin is losing. I’m not quite sure there, but it is close, so maybe he just wants him to pick up the power shots.

Round 8

Canelo is gaining confidence and he’s hanging in there more. It’s like he’s not too worried about Golovkin’s right hand, which is much different from the last fight. Canelo looks the fresher fighter and in the last fight, the end of the fight was his. Triple G tried to steal the round late, but I think Canelo was more consistent.

Round 9

Golovkin’s eyes are bruising big time. There was a point in the middle of the round where Golovkin rubbed his head on Canelo’s and Canelo thought he was trying to rub his head on the cut over his right eye and got frustrated. He should’ve gotten frustrated earlier in the round as he picked it up a bit, but I had Golovkin’s early round winning it for him.

Round 10

Golovkin had a nice flurry where Canelo didn’t throw a punch. He just tried to make him miss, but he didn’t miss them all. Canelo looked like he was trying to make him tire, but he didn’t follow-up. This is Golovkin’s round. Canelo needs to pick it up if he wants to get the decision. I have Golovkin up 6-4.

Round 11

This was one of Golovkin’s best rounds. It’s the first time all fight where he forced Canelo to take a step back. He stunned Canelo and for a second, Canelo seemed lost. Surprisingly, GGG is the one who looks fresher in the later rounds.

Round 12

These guys are slugging away. Both guys know they need the round. Later in the round, Golovkin slowed it down and Canelo looked at him as to say, “Come on man.” There’s a cut over Golovkin’s right eye that I didn’t see earlier. This is Canelo’s round and I have Golovkin winning the fight 7 rounds to 5.

Winner: Canelo Alvarez

The judges scored the fight 114-114, 115-113, and 115-113.

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