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DAZN Boxing – World Boxing Super Series Final: Groves Vs Smith Live Coverage

Groves vs Smith
We’re watching the finale of the World Boxing Super Series for the super middleweights. Check out our Groves vs Smith live coverage.

I haven’t been following the Super Series, but now that it’s on DAZN, I’ll be able to watch a lot of the super series tournaments. Our boxing expert, Duan, reminded me that this was happening tonight. I’ve seen a few George Groves fights, but this is the first time I think I’ve seen Callum Smith fight, though Duan had him as someone who was next in the 2015 FGB Awards.

Here’s Duan’s prediction:

I feel like Callum Smith has been ready for world title fights for more than two years now and I think the fact that he hasn’t had those bouts is going to come back to haunt him here. Groves has faltered a few time but he has the big fight experience. He’s learned from it and he’s now delivering on the promise he showed in his first title shot against Froch. I think he’ll see his role reversed in this one with him as the veteran with that extra bit of big fight savvy. He’s been through it all and he knows how to win at this level. Of course, when a boxer is coming off major surgery like George is, you can never be quite sure what you’re going to get, but if he is close to a 100% percent, I think his experience is enough to get him through this with his title in tact. Groves takes a close one on the cards.

Groves Vs Smith


The thing that stands out is Smith’s freaky length. The round was mostly a jab off, but Smith looked to be finding something near the end of the round. Groves is doing a good job to draw Smith in.


I lost about a minute of the round, which is the only flaw I’ve seen with DAZN’s streaming in the two fights so far. Groves is being crafty with a lot of feints, trying to set up his right hand.


Groves dropped his lead hand ever so slightly and Smith triggered off a right hand that just missed. Groves stuck a jab and then a right hand. Smith rocked him as he beat him with a right hand and Groves is wide eyed now. Groves did a good job fighting off the ropes, but Smith was digging in shots on him.


Smith let off the gas which allowed Groves to control the round. He was throwing his jab well and trying to bait Smith into throwing punches that he could counter.


Groves was starting to attack the body with right hands. They got their feet tangled late and Groves swept him like it was a judo match, but it was ruled a slip, not a knockdown. After Smith has such great success by being aggressive in the 3rd, he’s playing more wait and see which is letting Groves have success.


That was a better round for Smith. He was more aggressive and landed a right quick straight right that bothered Groves. He didn’t follow up on it which allowed Groves to land punches off the ropes.


I had the fight even after 6. Smith nailed Groves with a left hook after Groves committed to a right hand. And this time, he didn’t let Groves out of the corner. He hit Groves with a few right hands in the corner, but it was a body shot that looked to put him down. Groves couldn’t beat the count. Smith is the winner.

Winner: Callum Smith

Smith is now the super middleweight champion and wins the Muhammad Ali boxing trophy.

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