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DAZN Boxing – Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin Live Coverage

Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin
Check out our live coverage of DAZN’s first boxing streaming event – Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin.

This is DAZN’s first big streaming event for their US launch, after partnering with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing. They’ll have their second big show next weekend with Bellator 206 coming from San Jose.

The service is free for the first 30 days, so if you want to give it a shot, just head over to DAZN’s website.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Brian Kenny will call the action while Chris Mannix, Kay Adams, and LZ Granderson are part of the broadcast team.

We’ll be back with live play by play of the fight.

Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin


Earlier in the broadcast, Joshua said Povetkin doesn’t jab much, but what he does do is counter off the jab. Joshua is much taller and longer and keeping his distance. Povetkin wants to fight inside. Joshua landed the first big punch with a right hook to the body that didn’t look like it felt great. Right at the end of the round, Povetkin landed a combination that stunned Joshua.


Joshua is bleeding from the nose and looks pretty frustrated. Povetkin seems to have timed Big Josh, but Joshua hasn’t figured him out quite yet. Joshua’s using his jab better in this round. Povetkin is disrupting his rhythm big time.


Joshua’s jabbing to the body and throwing the right hand to the head. Even when Povetkin gets hit, he still comes forward, making Joshua retreat back. Whenever Povetkin has a chance inside, he’s letting it all go with uppercuts and hooks.


Povetkin has a cut over his left eye which may have come from a butting of heads. Joshua is fighting shorter, like he’s measuring him before throwing punches. He’s also leaving his lead hand low and cocking his right hand near his ear. Povetkin is loads up his right hand on some of Joshua’s lazier jabs.


Broadcast is saying that the cut came from a punch rather than a clashing of the heads. Joshua’s nose is bleeding again. Joshua’s starting to use his length to push Povetkin away and hold a bit. Not much in this round in comparison to the others.


Joshua landed a nice left that woke up the crowd. Povetkin stepped inside and just missed a big shot. Joshua out-boxed him in the round. Povetkin was throwing big shots just out of distance. Joshua was throwing lead left hooks and beating Povetkin to the inside punches. This was only Joshua’s second clear round on my card. I have Povetkin up 4-2.


Joshua showed why he’s such a star. He was patient through the first five rounds and needed to figure things out. But by the sixth round, it seemed like he finally had it figured out. And in round 7, he obliterated Povetkin. It was a slapping right hand that hurt Povetkin and then Joshua smelled blood. He landed multiple huge shots with a nasty left hook and then big right hand and it looked like Povetkin’s head was going to come off his shoulders. Povetkin nearly fell underneath the middle rope trying to get up, but did get up. But Joshua stopped him right away. Ridiculous shots.

Winner: Anthony Joshua by way of 7th round TKO

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