Canelo Vs GGG 2 Predictions

canelo vs ggg 2 predictions

Check out our Canelo vs GGG 2 predictions.

Canelo vs GGG 2 is one of the biggest “money” fights in all of combat sports for 2018. In addition to GG, Duan, and Robert Silva, we asked two other huge boxing fans for their prediction.

You can listen to the preview podcast that GG, Duan, and Robert did below.

Now, onto the predictions…

Sarah Gruber

Round By Round Boxing
Prediction: Golovkin by decision

Canelo, on paper, is the younger and faster fighter but in the original matchup it was hard to see that his age, size or speed ever really played a huge factor.

Prior to his match with Alvarez, Golovkin was believed to be a feared puncher with a killer instinct in the ring. These traits however failed to shine through to me in the original bout.

So, who wins now?

I believe the rematch should be very similar to the first bout, but Golovkin will have the bigger advantage this time around. I believe that Canelo is too much of a counter puncher to truly let his hands go enough to out-work an invigorated and scorned Golovkin.

I expect to see Golovkin fight a tactically smart fight but also find spots in which he can really bring the fight to Canelo. An angry or jaded Golovkin sounds like a dangerous opponent, but if he indeed fights hungrier this time around, he will need to be very careful not to let his hands down and to become reckless against the ever dangerous Canelo.

Ultimately, I think what this fight comes down to is that Golovkin, still at age 36, can out work Canelo’s productivity and withstand his power. I foresee that Golovkin can can bring the fight to Canelo and remain smart enough to not let Canelo catch up with anything too devastating in the process.

Matt Prentice

@mattprentice_ on Twitter
Prediction: Golovkin by 9th round TKO

Canelo looks to have come into fight week slimmer and better conditioned for a 12-round war. That said, I just can’t bring myself to pick against an angry Golovkin, who has had a fire raging in his belly ever since the controversial decision last September. This one goes back and forth to start, but after several rounds of vicious Golovkin body punches, Canelo’s ability to effectively fight off the ropes will wane. Golovkin’s smothering pressure completely overwhelms a battered and bleary Canelo, causing referee Benjy Esteves to end the fight in the 9th.

Robert Silva

@ROBERTSILVA5768 on Twitter
Prediction: Canelo by decision

This fight should be much more explosive than the first fight. I expect Canelo to throw many more jabs and to stay off the ropes. I expect GGG to aggressively go to the body, which he totally abandoned the first time out. The bad blood that exists between both warriors will also result in many more heated exchanges throughout the rematch. I see GGG hurting Canelo but unable to finish him. I also see Canelo hurting GGG late in the fight resulting in a razor thin decision for the Mexican warrior, resulting in a third fight next Cinco de Mayo.

Duan Greally

(@Duandub on Twitter)
Prediction: Golovkin by decision

Given the closeness of the first bout, I feel the logic going into a rematch really should be that it’s tilting in Canelo’s favour as the younger fighter. However, after seeing how that fight went down, I like GGG to win and win clearly this time. I think the most accurate reflection of how these two match up was in those middle rounds; the rounds between 4 to 9. The rounds that Golovkin swept. I expect the fight will fall into that pattern earlier this time around and then even if GGG fades late, there will be too much distance between them on cards for Canelo to claw back. Golovkin takes it 8 rounds to 4.


@roheblius on Twitter
Prediction: Canelo by decision

This may be a heart over head pick and I’m not even the biggest Canelo fan out there. What I don’t like is how aggressive Golovkin has been in calling Canelo a drug cheat, even though that’s already been debunked. It comes off a bit classless, and I’m sure some will say that it’s part of building the fight. I actually think it’s hurt the build.

But if I can put that in the back of my mind, I’m still going with Canelo. I still believe that as good as he is, he still has another level to get to and this is the fight in which he shows it. I also believe that Triple G is slightly beyond his peak and can and will be hit. Triple G may make me eat my words, but I feel like this is put up or shut up time for Canelo and he’s going to deliver. I don’t see him putting him away, but I see him outboxing him late in the fight to win a close decision.

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