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The Fight Game Podcast – Extreme Rules Review + G1 Night 2 + Manny Pacquiao (Ep. 28)

Extreme Rules review

Extreme Rules review

Jason Hagholm returns to talk wrestling with GG as they give their Extreme Rules Review.

The Fight Game Podcast is back. Jason Hagholm joins GG to talk about WWE’s latest Network special, Extreme Rules. It was a pretty flat show overall, though there were a couple of good matches. But there was more bad than good and the fellas go deep into the flaws.

They discuss:
– The earlier start time which fooled Jason
– Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE
– Jonathan Coachman’s horrendous announcing
– Asuka as the dumb babyface
– Nut shots
– Kevin Owens’ Mick Foley-esque fall
– Bobby Lashley being indestructable
– The fans being angry at Roman Reigns for no reason
– Ronda Rousey’s olympic level speed
– The faulty logic of the main event

Before the fellas discuss the show, GG talks about the second night of New Japan’s G1, his stint as a guest host on Wrestling Observer Radio, and Manny Pacquiao’s dominant win.

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