The Fight Game Podcast – Money In The Bank + The Return of the Kayfabulous Lucha Bros. (Ep. 27)

return of the kayfabulous lucha bros

It’s the return of the Kayfabulous Lucha Bros. Check out the latest version of the Fight Game Podcast.

This special edition of the Fight Game Podcast uses WWE’s show Money In The Bank as the structure, but hell, there’s really no structure. It’s more so a reunion for the Kayfabulous Lucha Bros, who haven’t recorded a show together in six months.

We discuss the entire show, but the entire show goes off-tangent. I try my best to bring it back, but there’s no way to control the KLB.

Some of the things we cover outside of the Money In The Bank show include:

– WWE’s new TV deal and how they’re going to have to figure out how to draw TV ratings again
– Esai Morales not being a Mexican
– Solo
– The Last Jedi (yes, again)
– EdinSanAntonioProductions

It’s fun. It’s wacky. And I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Enjoy!

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