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UFC 224 Live Coverage – Nunes Vs Pennington

UFC 224 live coverage

UFC 224 live coverage

Check out our UFC 224 live coverage featuring Nunes vs Pennington in the main event.

It seems that most of the interest after yesterday’s weigh-ins is in Mackenzie Dern’s fight with Amanda Cooper. Dern came in seven pounds overweight for the fight.

The main event isn’t seen as much to the casual public, but to me, the Kelvin Gastelum and Jacare fight is the big one.

Lyoto Machida Vs Vitor Belfort

Very slow first round with Machida staying away and measuring him for most of the round. He landed a kick or two and then Belfort had a short exchange. No one really won the round.

Machida ended the fight with one kick. He was teasing something with the front foot and then threw a straight kick with his back foot right on Belfort’s chin and it was lights out.

Winner: Lyoto Machida by way of 2nd round TKO

Belfort left his gloves in the cage after the match.

Brian Kelleher Vs John Lineker

These guys are coming out swinging. Kelleher landed a left hook that stopped Lineker in his tracks. Lineker then put Kelleher down and the fight went to the ground. Kelleher quickly got his bearings on the ground. Kelleher threw a spinning backfist that connected, but he was out of control and fell himself.

Lineker just decided to dig in and throw huge shots, while not really trying to avoid Kelleher’s. Kelleher would fire back and move, but Lineker kept moving forward. Lineker is definitely looking for the knockout. This is a great fight.

Lineker got it. He threw a right hand and followed it up with a left hook and Kelleher went stiff. Kelleher was game, but he was taking too many big shots.

Winner: John Lineker by way of 3rd round TKO

Amanda Cooper Vs Mackenzie Dern

Dern looks fairly out of shape. She’s two weight classes heavier at least. Dern is throwing a big overhand right. Cooper’s boxing looks good, but she’s letting Dern’s right hand come close. Whoops. Cooper got clipped and the fight went to the ground. Dern got the mount and started to try to pound her out. Cooper turned and then Dern sunk in the choke.

Winner: Mackenzie Dern by way of 1st round submission

Kelvin Gastelum Vs Jacare Souza

The first round saw some good grappling by Jacare. Gastelum got caught underneath him, but fought back. Jacare got back in top position and ended up working the arm bar when the round was over.

The round was all on the feet. Jacare got old right before our eyes. But he was still bringing it. Gastelum dropped him with a left hand. Jacare stayed on his back and Gastelum backed off and let him back up. They were both landing stiff shots. At the end of the round, Jacare nearly fell over trying to get to his stool. He’s spent.

The third was pretty even, though I think Jacare might’ve taken it. Both guys were landing big punches. Jacare looked more tired, but he also looked to be landing the bigger shots. This was a great fight. I have Jacare winning 2-1.

Winner: Kelvin Gastelum by way of split decision

The scores were 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28 for Gastelum.

Raquel Pennington Vs Amanda Nunes

Nunes knocked her down immediately with a leg kick. Pennington looks apprehensive. Nunes knocked her down again with a leg kick. It was mostly a boxing match in the first round, except when Nunes would throw the leg kick. Pennington was able to see it and pick her leg up for most of the rest of the round. Nunes couldn’t really land anything hands-wise, but neither did Pennington.

Pennington had a better second round. Nunes was still the aggressor and Pennington had to fight a lot of the round up against the cage. She got a takedown late. Nunes didn’t attack the legs as much in the second.

Nunes won round three, but Pennington is still game. She’s worried about the leg kick and Nunes is able to land, even when the leg kick misses. Nunes got a takedown early in the round. Pennington is having issues with both her hair and her sports bra.

Nunes was landing nasty knees to the body. Pennington was taking them and trying to no sell them but they looked absolutely brutal. Her nose was also busted up and bleeding constantly. At the end of the round, she tried to quit but her corner talked her out of it.

Her corner should’ve listened to her. Nunes stopped her and she had so much blood pouring out of her nose.

Winner: Amanda Nunes by way of 5th round TKO

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