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The Fight Game Podcast – Bruno Sammartino, Greatest Royal Rumble Preview + Draven’s New Podcast (Ep. 26)

Greatest Royal Rumble preview

Greatest Royal Rumble preview

GG and Draven talk about the death of Bruno Sammartino, give their Greatest Royal Rumble preview, and a new pro wrestling history podcast project.

GG is joined by Draven to talk about some pro wrestling topics, but also about his new podcast about the history of pro wrestling.

Before they get to what the podcast is about, they talk about the death of Bruno Sammartino and what he meant to pro wrestling. Draven is a pro wrestling history buff and he takes everyone through Sammartino’s run and why wrestling was so different during this time frame. The guys compare and contrast his era to how wrestling works today.

They then preview Friday’s WWE Network show from Saudi Arabia, the Greatest Royal Rumble. They talk about the political ramifications of the show and why folks should probably be more up in arms about it than they are. They go through the entire card and discuss why Roman Reigns is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Lastly, they go through Draven’s new podcast project which will be hosted on the Fight Game Podcast network. Draven’s goal is to walk listeners through wrestling history. If it’s anything like his thoughts on Bruno, it will be a really good listen.

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