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The Fight Game Podcast – WWE Fastlane Recap (Ep. 17)

Fastlane recap

Photo via WWE.com

Jason Hagholm joins GG on the WWE Fastlane Recap on the Fight Game Podcast.

GG and Jason Hagholm break down the latest WWE PPV on their Fastlane recap. There were some points of the show where they were actually in the slow lane, but overall, it was a solid show highlighted by an excellent main event.

We look at the main event and try and figure out what angles/matches for WrestleMania could come out of it.
– AJ vs Nakamura
– Cena vs The Undertaker
– Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Shane McMahon?

We discuss the entire show match by match, including Asuka challenging Charlotte for her women’s title, Randy Orton winning the US title, and the Bludgeon Brothers killing everyone.

Check it out!

Find Jason on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jhagholm1.

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