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The Fight Game Podcast – Road To WrestleMania: Ronda Rousey On ESPN (Ep. 21)

Ronda Rousey on ESPN

The Road to WrestleMania is back. The fellas go over all the latest news including Ronda Rousey on ESPN and they try to put their match order together.

Big D and GG are back on that Road To WrestleMania. Only two episodes left.

This week, the guys focus on Ronda Rousey’s ESPN interviews that she’s getting a lot of flack for from fans. GG believes her reaction is what separates her from the rest of the roster. They also look at the video package from Raw that showed Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as ultimate heels.

They talk about yet another week of John Cena and GG compares him to Jennifer Aniston. You’ll have to hear how. They talk about the main Smackdown angle with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. Even with his illness, Shane McMahon is advertised for the show.

They go over the latest news, including Rusev being added to the US title match and then go over their match order for the show. GG also has an idea for Hulk Hogan for the big show.

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