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Showtime Boxing – Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker Live Coverage

Anthony Parker vs Joseph Parker
Check out our live play by play of Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker.

With all eyes set toward a possible huge heavyweight fight between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, Joshua first has to pass another test, in Joseph Parker.

Wilder had a rough going with Luis Ortiz, but was able to pull out a great performance when pressed. Might we see the same opportunity for Joshua tonight?

Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker

Round One

Parker is throwing a lot of jabs early on, but not really touching Joshua. Joshua’s doing a good job of cutting off the ring and cornering Parker. Parker didn’t look too comfortable in there, but didn’t stop flinging his jab. Joshua looks all business.

Round Two

Parker was looser in this round, more comfortable in it and started to throw his right hand more, which gave Joshua more to think about. It was also a close round, but I like the body shots Joshua has been landing so I have him up 2-0.

Round Three

Parker came inside and pushed Joshua back, but at an uppercut. He might not want to do that too many times. Joshua grazed Parker with a right hand. Parker’s left is low, so Joshua may start throwing the right hand. I’m not quite sure Parker believes he can win this yet.

Round Four

The fourth round was a whole lot of nothing. Parker is flicking punches that don’t really land to stay out of Joshua’s range. And Joshua is super patient. He threw one right hand that missed, but before the right hand, he landed a hard jab. I have to keep giving Joshua these rounds until Parker lands something hard.

Round Five

Parker finally landed a nice combination that got Joshua’s attention. Joshua woke up a bit and smiled. Nothing else much going on, but I can give this one to Parker. Joshua landed a nice left hook too and just missed another. I have it 4-1 Big Josh.

Round Six

The round started wildly. Both guys landed big shots and for some reason, the referee broke it up right when it got going. Joshua’s starting to find the range with his right hand. But Parker’s also taking more chances. Joshua landed a right hand and then Parker followed up with an uppercut. This is the best round so far. Parker is moving well and Joshua seems a bit frustrated.

Round Seven

This was a weird round. Parker was moving well again, but the referee broke the fight up twice in weird places. Parker’s starting to go to the body. He may have won this round too, mostly based on movement. Joshua looks stiff. I have the fight 5-2 for Big Josh.

Round Eight

This was back to Joshua’s round. The referee again is trying to break the fight at the wrong times. He may get hit with a big punch himself. Joshua landed a nice short left and just missed on an uppercut.

Round Nine

I have no idea how to score that round. I think I’d lean toward Joshua, but it could also be a draw round for me. The most interesting thing in the round was Joshua calling timeout for himself because of his wrist tape. If the referee wasn’t going to do it…

Round Ten

Parker is cut on the corner of his left eye, which looks to be from an elbow. Joshua has tried throwing the upper cut time and time again to no avail. Parker’s defense of the uppercut has been tremendous so far.

Round Eleven

Parker continues to avoid the uppercut. Joshua landed a left hook, but was met with a right to the body that made him grimace. I think Joshua is just slightly winning all of these rounds. Parker needs to try to land bigger shots if he wants to win this one.

Round Twelve

The referee broke up what could’ve been a fun last ten seconds for no reason whatsoever. Joshua started to pull away even more in the later rounds. Joshua was more confident, landed the bigger shots, and wasn’t really too concerned with Parker in this round, but that’s also the story of the fight.

Winner: Anthony Joshua by unanimous decision

The scorecards were 118-110, 118-110, and 119-109.

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